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  1. Hi I just completed floor 62 map 2 and at the end of the game I opened up the chest and received my items and was lucky enough to receive a mythical defender pack. The first I have received in weeks I might add. Then seconds after picking the mythical pack up the game froze and was sent back to PS4 home screen. I feel really annoyed that this has happened. Maybe if it was just a once off it could be forgiven but this is a regular thing for dd2. At minimum I believe I am entitled to one free mythical defender pack Kind regards Ratty flood.
  2. It's understandable we all want to protect our Level. And like to be far ahead of others who have not learned the tricks to succeed in onslaught. I personally think every floor should be one floor. I hate the 3 floor system. They just do it so we rack up the hours more.
  3. Hi Today after about 30 attempts I finally soloed floor 60. The game froze at the end loading screen. Luckily it saved my level when restated game. Now I have entered level 61 and have noticed it's a 3 levels again on floor 61. Are they all 3 floors from 60 up? Seems unusual that floor 60 had 3 and now floor 61 has 3. Why is that.
  4. It has happened to me 2 times now infinite loop loading screen. Both times on floor 3 of 60 πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ Good luck with reaching 65+ If you see me in there send me a message and I would be happy to help you.
  5. Nice post that looks like it took a while to write. I completely agree. Hope you get your answer from trendy [[166314,users]] πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. I saw it the day it was posted :P <3. We are wanting to make Onslaught the best it can be, and are actively in discussion on how to do that. Feedback like this has spurred a lot of these discussions. The next move is basically figuring out which would be the best step to take forward, and then get to walking :). Please make it easier for me to ancient power [[166314,users]] I started at floor 55 and now all this time later I am at floor 60. And I have played every day. It has been a epic struggle to get to floor 60. I know you are concerned about balance of some players already prestiging 6 or more times already. But I really think you need to adjust something here to include more people into the game.
  7. Hi I'm having trouble beating floor 60 Is there a chart/matrix that can help me choose the right defences. That would be great thanks.
  8. Agree same for me. i was wondering if it was just my game but i guess it's just a bug It's been like this for a long time for me. Just forgot to complain about it.
  9. Hi thanks to all of the PS4 players that have helped me so far 😝 I can't get past map 3 on floor 60. Came so close about a dozen or more times. If anyone wants to help me that would be great. PS: @trendy please don't nerf bees it's my only hope.
  10. I know it's goofy but on a serious note, I am curious who the first 5 players were. It'd be cool to know, and if I don't know, no biggie. I can confirm it was Aliens from the future.
  11. I think they should just give all players who are over 500 assention a billion gold. And a billion defender medals For all the trouble and stress they have caused us.
  12. What the heck is this post about this looks as strange as some of my posts.
  13. Hi Remember when wing flairs where something unique and new. Now Its like everyone has wing flairs. It's kind of killing it how common they have become. makes me wonder why have them at all if everyone has them, maybe they should change the name of "flairs" to "inabilitys"
  14. Thank you for the reply. You have given me plenty to think about. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. Hi guys I'm at floor 59 and the cyborks lanes are killing me. I'm currently using Spike wall Reflect beam 3X poison dart towers 1 flame arua on gate. For good luck. It's not working at all where am I going wrong? Note: I don't use abyss lord.
  16. Mastery is very frustrating I personally can not play it. I like to be OP I worked hard to be a OP player and will not let anyone throttle me or reset me. No thank you sir.
  17. Hi Im not sure about steam but PS4 game does not start often I just keep trying about 10 or 20 times in a row eventually it starts. Sorry can not offer much more help then that. Good luck.
  18. Change region to IE? Have to go to title screen then options from there then top right of option screen change region? Hope that helps.
  19. i thought Deff Packs are droping only in your CURRENT Floor. For example i am Floor 66 ... so i will only drop Deff Packs in Floor 66. you're saying that we get them in lower floors too ? And to respond to rattyflood ... until now i never droped 2 Deff Packs in same floor (if i droped on map 1/3 than map 2 and 3 without drops) It's a bit confusing I just went in and joined every low level game close to finishing I just got 6 defender packs in maybe 1 hour. I got a defender pack 2 times off floor 3-1 and I have already collected the defender pack for floor 3-1 before so it appears you can just farm low level games over again for defender packs I really hope that's right.
  20. I like your comment on in game tutorial for enemy's. I have been thinking a similar thought. I think about the Witcher 3 and there beastiary book. For those unfamiliar with the Witcher the beastiary tells you in depth about the enemy's there weaknesses and strengths and best ways to kill them. It's really a good system trendy should addapt
  21. You have received defender packs multiple times for same floor?
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