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  1. Yep been asking about Free look camera feature for console like PC has ALWAYS had for a couple years now. Feel like it was my 2nd ever forum post. R stick and/or L stick buttons could easily be used. The response I've gotten in CG streams is Just build faceing the tower dd1 style and that free look on console was overly complicated to implement with so many other higher priority issues and bugs in game. Bet Switch and PC get it for DDA...
  2. Soon TM ... Meanwhile the gild grind continues... Wake me if "rigorous testing" goes well a year from now.
  3. Just an FYI there are 35 shards possible in c4 not 34. The wiki has 2 more in c4 at the bottom of the shards page. Someone needs to edit the fairly brand new wiki. So that all shards appear in thier proper chaos tiers section.
  4. In expeditions you can AFK Drakenlord with an oil geyser near spawn on all boss lanes and any other defense that's fire to ignite. The ice sheild will freeze as he is walking toward spawn but it's range is such, that by the time he actually gets out of spawn and gets to it's trigger point of oil geyser it's unfrozen and my FA or flame thrower (that kill siegerollers) burn him ded. I'm sure any old relic in oil geyser should be fine don't even think you'd need rate or dmg shards. Since we just need to oil it once to get the burn proc going. Not that you don't have valid points about newer playe
  5. [[134433,users]].... if you cant see he benefits of 100% + xp boosts to fill your 999 caps faster than snail pace once you stop resetting.... Then no amount of trying to convince you is worth anyone's time... yes the Ancient powers are not very significant solo..but the devs had to balance that in case 3-4 ppl in the same group all had Ancient powers stack together... and Yes with the current mob scaling in the game resetting is not necessary at all...its an OPTIONAL system for those that have done everything else and climbed as high of onslaught floors they wish to Before that 1st reset... Th
  6. Look how fast the Back peddle... from " I won't play again till they Change AP. and set More non existent records".... and from your earlier post of " haven't played in 6 months..." ...bro gtfon ..or stick to your convictions... waffling back and forth makes your opinions even less relevant if you contradict your own Statements...
  7. For someone who hasn't touched the game in 6 months you sure have a ton to say about it on forums in the Present... and Feel like... Maybe ppl would at least respect your opinions of how Protean shift has changed the game... If you actually Played and saw the update rather than speculate blindly based on Old playstyle and mechanics that are not really even relevant....Bro you should see How we rip you apart in discord ...LULS. With the new shift of Def. Power over Crit dmg ...Sand Vipers shard Split vipers taking away 19% of their Def power feels terrible... just to allow them to hit more
  8. yeah man ... you dont need your tinkered relics to beat 65. And.... Tinkered relics for players that havent reset that 1st time are used for the first push above 125 to get min asc and gold hoarded for their reset grind...then you vault away your tinkered relics till your bored of resetting a bunch of times and Push a gain to feel your talent caps.... maybe e rank up your gear 1 every 4-5 resets after you have a ton of motes and gold boosts to speed up the that 1 reset every 4-5. and then after all your AP resets are done you have you tinkered stuff to push with your 999 caps :shrug: no one sa
  9. if the # of Maps per Floor after 60 gets changed... it really doesn't make much sense to me why or even how trendy could Compensate ppl or why they should even have to?... Gratz on getting to floor 150 with the 3 map system... and if it changes Congratulations to us all for getting less maps for our NEXT floors. I highly doubt Devs will Compensate ppl given that anyone that reset before Prestigious weapons did not Retro actively get AP reset weaps when Protean shift Arrived... Don't feel like your time was wasted if the Devs take the Communities Feedback of lowering # maps... and just get salt
  10. Would be a much appreciated feature. Esp for long onslaught sessions. Would also be cool if a sell button could be added to scavenger tabs...and Vault tabs menus. its super Clunky to have to gather items from scavenger and then sell .... or noticed you have unwanted gear in bags while shifting into vaults but can't just trash it for gold there.... would be such a smoother process for QoL.
  11. I think it kinda makes sense that there aren't many Heavy axes ...because they are considered to be the highest dmg so yeah ofc the drop rate for them is gonna be not as high as the others...And. ..With Barb Specifically since his swing speed for his off hand is based off the weapon speed in his main hand... its been the general consensus to use Light weap. Main hand, and Heavy weap Off hand so you get light swing speed on your heavy weap.... When I play 4 Dryads i get a wide Variety of Sword types...and i think its kinda cool that the games Drops tend to favor your active heroes and heroes i
  12. On forest Biome for instance.... Oil geysers will hit flyers that go down the lane low along the same path that the mobs do not some super high air lane.... even with no other ground mobs... the flyers will trigger its trap plate or whatever you want to call it...its not an aura...but the fire trigger can be set off in the air above the trap. Harpys already target air and placed properly Target air enemies remarkably well. I stopped using them a long time ago tho when i found out about their Projectile flaw.... that if they fire 10 darts and kill a small Gobu mob in the first couple darts it
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