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  1. Going to end it the 16th, so two week auction
  2. "All possible" -Lolzcoolcat -Only accepting CV/Coal/Diamonds -I reserve the right to decline all offer. Blaster#1 Blaster#2
  3. Want to trade my traced Iratxo(The Event Imp) for a ball blaster
  4. 1. The Rainmaker 2. Ball Blaser 3. New Patch Celebration https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056047240/
  5. Willing to pay a reasonable price in coal for a Rainmaker event item, I will be checking the legitimacy of the item etc.
  6. That happens after running some workshop maps and you try to join another player's game. We havent figured out why it does that. Just restart DD and it should go away. I did, didn't help
  7. I keep getting an error https://ibb.co/dt8ko6
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