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  1. nevermind i found the answer here
  2. i saw a thread below split screen was coming but assumed that was for PC...console side always had this feature but trying to play with the lady on the couch seemingly we both cannot play at the same time or are we simply missing this feature somewhere? thanks!
  3. thank you very much :)
  4. hey there! the misses and i prefer to play on console and been anxiously waiting on the release (which we thought was to be late last year) is there any idea when or if this is going to be coming to xbox?
  5. me and the misses play split screen and struggle with mastery so always looking for some help on xbox :) we currently are farming chaos 6 and mixing in mastery just to mix things up a bit (only 105 stars right now, missing 1 map on mastery 1 and beat first map on mastery 2) my gamertag is my forum name as well
  6. Awesome!!!!! Thanks for the good news, cant wait to get back to progressing
  7. Thanks for the update, hopefully microsoft passes it quickly :)
  8. hopefully that means patch is coming very very soon :D
  9. You either just need get good or be like me and quit mastery quitting was the easier answer for sure hehe i cant even get through mastery 1 solo
  10. yeah it would be nice to get at least updates on we are looking into it, or fix coming eta, something...as it stands i try playing once a day only to see a black screen and say well guess ill try tomorrow
  11. no one knows at the moment as the game is broken for the xbox one x :( all we get is a black screen when it tries to load up so its 100% unplayable currently Ah, I thought it was live for a few days :P Hopefully you guys get the PC experience. was live on the tuesday release of the xbox one x (some may have gotten to play) but then immediately broken on that wednesday patch with the cannonball nerf :( i personally tested a few of the games i like to play when i got my new xbox one x (made sure they loaded and my game saves/items were there) but didnt get into playing it much day of release a
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