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  1. i need help with chaos 2 mastery on forgotten ruins and forest biome, add me on xbox one DG Aura or sent me an invite
  2. im in that club aswell i posted but nobody got back maybe we could team up? my GT is DG Aura
  3. i dont have colossus i have dyrad (can handle left lane) and series ev2 but will give the highest hp walls on right lane on forgotten ruins a try thanks
  4. most of the c2 wasn't that bad but these 2 are almost impossible without help i tried your suggestion but the cyborg just shut down all my defences and then i get overwhelmed , i tried open lobby but nobody joins since you cant see all the matches in different chaos tiers now these 2 maps require 2 of more people
  5. How are you meant to do these solo i have tried multiple times on my own but failed i have requested help on Xbox one but nobody joins any help would be appropriated
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