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  1. Does the hp have 2 or 3 digits? 20cv
  2. Gonna end the auction in 1 hour. If someone bids between now and then, then the time will be extended by an hour, this will happen each time someone bids within that time, If the hour is up then its gonna end. I've also sent in the ult++for an ic Once the auction is ended i'll add you all and we can trade :) OP has been updated
  3. Hello All. I got a bunch of stuff that I wanna get rid of. Accepting: coal, cubes, diamonds (4/9/15), events - ask me for my prices on them Item list: Ult++ Ab2 Genie: https://imgur.com/gallery/vvoyjdW Co: Area 51 - 8cv Ult++ Sword: https://imgur.com/gallery/3vkuTkJ Co: Flyinhawaiian57 - 3cv Ult++ Chain boots (non upgraded): https://imgur.com/gallery/M8QdxZH Co: Sam116 - 14cv (waiting on IC) Ult++ Glad 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/4LVosxx Ult++ Glad 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/U8lHvFG - Senjinator - 1cv Ult++ Glad 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/uHvyfrP Ult++ Chain boots (Upgraded): https://imgur.com/gallery/tPPhOjJ Co: flyinhawaiian57 - 7cv Ult++ Falchion: https://imgur.com/gallery/2MVYqwS Ult++ Kraken Kannon: https://imgur.com/gallery/g3fh8vg Co: Hans Joachim - 8cv Ult++ Sparus: https://imgur.com/gallery/OFNq624 Ult++ Tower Mischief: https://imgur.com/gallery/5rZiWoh - Hans Joachim - 12cv Ult++ Ember Cresent: https://imgur.com/gallery/uX8m5y4 - Escev - 1cv Ult++ Mischief: https://imgur.com/gallery/hX0U7Wc Co:: Flyinhawaiian57 - 5cv If you want an IC on an item then i'll get it done, just ask, I just dont wanna spam someone with 13 IC's. End Date: 7th Jan
  4. Nah they fixed the leather drops now :) There was a outside but got removed because of lag reasons D: Not too sure on what was added but these are the ones that are used a lot: Ember: Ember quill, ember guise, ember bracers (gives a cosmetic bonus of fire under your feet) Winter Wonderland: Santa hat, santa beard, candy cane bracers, santa spectacles (gives a cosmetic bonus of snow falling around you) Temple O Love: Masquerades, Top hat, Bow, love links (gives a cosmetic bonus of love hearts coming out of you every second or so) Pirate Invasion: Pirate patch Crystaline Dymension: crystal shield, crystal shard wrist guards, crystal mask, crystaline feather (gives a cosmetic bonus of crystals rotating around you) Plantir (I believe this set can be farmed from multiple maps but not too sure): brooch of annatar, mask of annatar, bracers of annatar, shield of annatar (gives a cosmetic bonus of giving you wings but you can't fly :p) The ones i mentioned tend to start with fairly high stats, I think cd and annatar spawned with lower stats usually but i heard that they changed that, not too sure if its true myself though. The stats are quite balanced between the different maps from what i've seen but tol is pretty much quick and you can get like 8 accs per run so that's the place that i'd recommend :)
  5. Crystaline Resergence Part 1 wave 35 gets the spider Crystaline Resergence Part 2 wave 35 gets the crystal core Crystaline Resergence Part 3 wave 35 gets the Crystalline Dragon Arcane Libary wave 20 gets the owl I think thats about right :)
  6. 20cv - 375^ plate stompers 10cv - 999hp pet 2cv - 335^ chest - (ult)
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