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  1. Thanks for all the helpful tips guys, I've started using Nimbus and using range shards on Auras has helped too, Still struggling a little with a few C2 mastery maps, And C3 Crumbled Bulwark OMG!! But i will get there, Thanks again :)
  2. This is consistently happening to me on Dead Road on Wave 5. This is on Trials C7 (not sure if relevant) My Nimbus has Legendary Medallion with Deadly Strikes, Vamp Empowerment and Attack Rate Hopefully this helps in your testing. Thanks, Also on Xbox btw :)
  3. Hi, So i'm struggling a little soloing this challenge, People already know, projectile towers are a good choice for beating C2 maps in general as the Cyborks take out auras, nodes and traps. So with the no tower challenge, what exactly am i supposed to use to defend my lanes that's not a barricade? I am soloing this - so maybe that's my issue, but have heard its all solo-able? Am i missing something? Thanks :)
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