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  1. it did it in the past aswell like teleporting ogers and stray summoned skellys from those mini malthius's but on occasion this also happened. super annoying but rare that it happened and if it did you could often work out why
  2. also getting alot of freezes cant pass my current floor ( some where near 90 ) of onslaught prob mainly my build but still shouldnt happen. oh and its gates more often then not i've a decent connection but live in australia and play nearest server .usually if its bad i just get mobs walking through the map but it self corrects eventually and i can continue playing this is as above frozen screen and playing music . so far tried twice froze twice.
  3. chaos is all of the added mobs think its shield gobbos ,cy-borks, geodes, beserkers, assassins,hex throwers,kabolts
  4. lots putting it in wep man cos they dont really care about its damage more about its cc with range, rate water ,shock rev and a rate or range mod
  5. i'd say if its rare you need to up its attack speed as waters drench is 100%. it really just comes down to attack rate and qualibean of shocking revelation
  6. ok this has bugged me forever i can build a map in no time kill a lanes worth of enemies every wave and ready up asap solo and i'm lucky to get silver. normal stages i really dont care but at least one per reset i do an incursion or 2 to get decent stat'd weapons but often i get some dodgy chest and have to try again and again . if there's 2 players gold no prob . 1 player prob a litte worse then 50/50 i built the gd map i killed things it was as quick as possable gimmie my shark gun
  7. it down grades stats to campaign but actual quality stays the same so a 10 will still be a 10 on reset
  8. feels like we're talking about the vault and the materials vault norm vaults fine it's where shards gater dust till you finally have 11. materials vault needs a pet dog or something like that from torchlight you click the button and anything that can go into the mats vault is selected and transported there
  9. my recent items are fine but i dont really check anything but shards till my bags are full and i dont manage items everytime before i stop playing. dd2 has a habit of making me play longer then expected quite often and sometimes i have to rush off. and thats just the junk i want to sort bags 5-8 .clear junk then sort 1-8 i also wouldnt mind a move bag 3 to bag 6 without emptying a vault tab and doing like a 4 step switcharoo
  10. i want a sort across all bag and fill bags left to right so i know where all the new junk i have to sell is and it'll put all my shards together i've nearly 5 bags of shards and organising that really needs to be easier . even move full bag is bugged moves about 70%
  11. if you reset you'll loose c8 and 100% reduction and the c8 amp try unequipping it then re equip it and as the others said if it still has the red rings then i'd just ignorre the animation and soldier on
  12. prob true but seems wrong if its in its target zone same hight as anything else . ramsters already are basically useless from even the slightest hight difference. not to mention in make a new hero ramsters notes say and i quote "once cute and cuddly, this monstrosity now spits abyssal flames at all enemies in sight" i'm not saying it should aim up or down just hit anything in its hit box. they get hit if there are mobs behind you it just seems wrong. nowhere i can see does it say only targets ground troups. and its not like other towers havent been used in unintended ways
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