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  1. IMO, Malthius is the easiest prime map so far. Just have to make sure to kill everything before it gets to the healing circles.
  2. https://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=236110
  3. This is a lot of over-thinking. Just use items that drop. You only need 2-3 mil gold per reset and no mats. Do a bunch of resets, then when ready to climb, you should have enough gold mats to level your good gear. And yeah, sending items to a buddy to avoid the reset penalties is shady.
  4. If you're just doing resets as fast as you can, don't bother leveling up your good gear. Just use what drops, and set your good/modded gear aside and save it for when you want to push higher floors.
  5. Read the other posts. It's pretty much spelled out for you. Let me summarize - the changes you are suggesting will nullify the countless hours most people have put into the game grinding to get the right combination of gears, shards, mods, etc to fit the current meta. If your suggestions were implemented, we would need to spend hour and countless hours regearing. That is THE number one way to alienate your player base.
  6. So, completely change the game, alienate almost the entire player base... Just because you like to use walls more than others are using them? Sounds reasonable.
  7. Piercer chip and piercer servo are two different things. Which one are you asking about.
  8. To add... The piercer servo is designed to combat shields. Shields only block physical damage. They do not block magical damage. So, putting this servo on an aura gives no benefit, since the auras are magical damage and go through shields. Therefore, save your piercer servos for your physical damage defenses.
  9. There's your problem right there. I assume you're doing AP resets to get as many AP points in a short amount of time, right? Why are you spending all those mats and gold to level up everything? Just use what relics drop. I just did my 13th reset. It cost me somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million total, using 7 different defenses. If you aren't doing quick AP runs, then the gold shouldn't be a problem. My advice - don't level up gear, weapons and relics for AP runs and just use whatever drops. Set your best gear aside. Save those mats and gold for when you plan to stop doing resets and want to push up to higher levels. THEN use those mats that you've accumulated and level up your good/modded gear. ... Or not.
  10. I got the Monk Matrix skin out of a green chest
  11. I've got a few of these masks still sitting in my bags collecting dust.
  12. This is exactly how I build for my AP reset runs, with an LSA slapped on top for good measure. Shocking Revelations and Water mods on my WM. In fact, I dont even spend motes on my WM during my runs. I just keep them at Campaign level. All I use it for is the stun. Usually one WM node per lane, with 2-3 FA's and an LSA per lane. If I'm feeling extra cheeky and have the DU, I'll include an Earthshatter with Earth Toss.
  13. You don't have to move stuff out of the vault and into your bags to use them. So, if you are upgrading a bunch or gear, you don't have to make room in your bags to do it. That's where the convenience comes in. Personally, I prefer to manually move stuff that I collect into the vault, because there are some items that I farm to put on the market. About once per every 10-12 maps I have to clean out my bags anyow. This includes moving things to other non-material items. Moving my upgrade materials to the vault literally takes me no more than 3 seconds. Not worth complaining about.
  14. Why don't you add the water mod to the WM for a single tower combo?
  15. Of course I did, but your conclusion requires me to understand your logic in order for me to agree with you, which requires me to read you analysis, which is way too much over-thinking/min-maxing/theory crafting for this game. If you want to focus on your conclusion ONLY, then I would say you've missed the point of the mods entirely. Play how you want, not the way that is going to squeeze out every ounce of stats.
  16. That's way too much math for me. I gave up games long ago that required me to do that much thinking/theory crafting.
  17. See, I was hope something like earth + water = mud (slow)
  18. Fire + oil = burn Water + storm = electricute Earth +? =?
  19. I have my filters to auto collect mythical and legendary gear, but not blues. That way, my bags don't fill up as quickly and I can turn out more maps without stopping. So, when a blue drops, I check it. If I don't want it, I leave it. Not for everyone, but works for me. I hate sorting through bags full of blues.
  20. The awesome thing is that there a numerous ways to build now, as opposed to before, when everyone built exactly the same. Having said that, here's my opinion on your FA question - FAs are are of the best AOE defenses in the game. Since that is the case, I want it to maximize it's damage to as many enemies a possible. "Melee" is the largest group of enemies in the game. Therefore, I put anti-melee and melee boom on my FAs. This clears out a big chunk of the lane, allowing me to focus on what gets through (like chaos mods, which I counter with anti-chaos cannons). Again, that's just my preference. Lots and lots of ways to build. The thing I'm learning is to have all your defenses synergize with each other. I am considering turning my FAs into anti range or anti support. So like Anti Range, Rate, Range. Thoughts?
  21. Because everyone would be AFK during combat, taking advantage of carries.
  22. Because he's played thousands of hours grinding for them. There's no secret. Everyone has to grind. Sometimes the RNG gods hate you, sometimes not.
  23. Just equip the burning strikes shard and you're good to go. Melts the boss. Lights the fires.
  24. I think you are making a ton of assumptions based on your experience that may not be accurate. I don't know if this is due to a lack of experience or something else. For instance, the use and usability of heroes. A few of those are used quite a bit. Also, your take on survivability of heroes is way off. Every hero is playable. If you're building glass cannons who can't survive assassins, then you've missed the point. No hero can survive long built that way. And your list of shards and mods that aren't used is not accurate as well. Sure, many may be situational, but many of the ones you listed are used quite often. So, having said all that, I'm not really sure how to address your concerns, as many of your assumptions are either not entirely accurate or drastically miss the mark. (Btw - none of my comments are meant to be insulting or meant to put you down. I appreciate your willingness to share your experience. I just think there is an opportunity to understand the experience of the community as a whole)
  25. Yes it is, at the cost of losing my the near perfect gear, loss of mats, and loss of coin.
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