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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032535217/
  2. Did you switch from windows to linux? Contact chromatic and do not log into that account at all before they say it is ok, unless you already did overwrite the savefiles bunch of times by playing the game on ranked again. But. Know this. You can go from linux to windows, but not from windows to linux.
  3. 1. arm guard of earth 2. hate 3. lighting profile; https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032535217/ pic; https://imgur.com/SXgnF9p
  4. https://imgur.com/a/MemFE3L doone. steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032535217/
  5. You know about the summoner thing, great. You are farming the right maps, great. Basically. Farming ults takes time. Esp when you are lower lvl = have lower stats so maps take longer. If you are farming armor, use mixmode. (Only on moonbase it's better to keep mm off, but since you have low stats, keep it on, it's easier.) Since you can't do moonbase that far, I would just stop doing that for now, it doesn't drop much ults before that. Moraggo, Aquanos and sky city are great places to farm trans-ult gear, so is kings game. Just keep at it. With full very good trans armor you should be able
  6. Step 1; play on pc. (windows, linux doesnt have events either)
  7. Happy holidays! Also omg can't believe it has been another year again reee. :D
  8. 1) yea nooo, its not a bug anymore really. (or at least I don't think about it as a bug) There was fix, no one liked it, everyone accepted its a feature that is staying on. 2) already nerfed 3) No. Let me be lazy. For a very good amount of my hours I built without stacking, I know how to do every map without it, but let me be lazy now that I know I can beat the map anyways. Du you save in most cases is like 2du, time? not much. Also calling builds with stacking "brainless builds" is really incorrect. Even with stacking, the stack of lts can't be placed just anywere, you need to think about mi
  9. ... I dont think the story goes "....tend the castle the its chores..." but "....tend the castle and its chores."
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