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  1. Hey there, I took a break for a couple months trying other games while waiting for CDT Update 3 to be released, so stayed away from forum/reddit discussions during that time. Since I am not an expert at analyzing patch notes, I would just like to ask if there are any improvements on solo play on the CDT Update 3, for example will soloing NM content become easier with this patch or more challenging than it already is? Same for quality of life improvements, anything worth mentioning for a solo player like me? Thanks again and see you soon! :)
  2. I have put a couple hundred hours into the game and I have NEVER found anything close to most items posted here. That gives me great motivation to keep playing knowing that eventually(maybe after another 200+ hours) I might find an item close to that powerlevel. :)
  3. Damn just stop it, just looking at those phat stats makes me sad that the best gear in the game was simply given away for simply participating and it's no longer available for the rest of us. And yeah I can put a ton of hours and effort into the game in order to farm 88 coals in NMHC and get one Diamond or just participate for an hour and get a Greater Magicite of Wind which is better than any Diamond you could farm...
  4. I would like to know how that game compares to DD1, has anyone here spent enough hours on both in order to compare and let me know of the pros and cons of each game? Is it worth investing time and money or just stick to DD1?
  5. Thanks for the tip, the spider queen was one example another good example is Taley Mining Complex and Tinkerer's Leboratory on Insane... I can't manage to solo them and I cant imagine how hard ot will be on NMHC...
  6. Thanks, I will check it out! I got decent Myth gear across characters but I struggle on easier NMHC maps like Mystimire Forest, that Spider has way too much HP and she keeps my Monk webbed all the time. :(
  7. My ultimate goal is to solo all content including Embermount NMHC, is it practically doable without the use of OP event gear like the Rainmaker etc?
  8. Thanks for the tip, I tried without Reflection beams and it worked like a charm!
  9. I would love to join unfortunately I am leaving for a 2 week trip today so I won't be able to participate in the event. Can someone post a picture of the event rewards?
  10. Can you please add recommended level to the rest of the maps that don't have it(city in the cliffs, taley mining complex etc)? It's a very useful indicator and it's a shame that not all maps have it.
  11. Trying to do the Brute Force achievement on normal difficulty and I am using EV for Physical/Reflection beam and a Jester/Huntress with a BF Drill and Robot pet to kill enemies. So 0 tower damage but still I DIDN'T receive the Gunslinger award after beating the Throne Room + Boss. May I ask why?
  12. Yep, Rain is broken good. Fortunately, you don't need it to do anything in the game, but it certainly makes some stuff easier. Some event items are better than anything you can farm, in particular the Vortex Shield, Celebration, New Patch Celebration, Rainmaker, and Ball Blaster. Aside from those, Glaciers in particular are beatable in theory, but in practice you'll never farm something better, so they're a highly sought after item. Rockshatter is also very difficult to match in stats. No item in the game has +1000 or higher in stats (unless you count armor with set bonus). Not even event items. Why don't you guys create items with similar power level to the event ones? Just make them hard to farm, on the most difficult maps/challenges and they still have to roll well in order to reach Rainmaker/Celebration Hat/Vortex Shield stats. I have to say that it really feels unfair not having a chance at the very best items, even if I play my best and invest a ton of time in the game, just because OP items were handed out like candy to people participating in events. It kills the motivation just knowing that I will never be able to farm the absolute best gear.
  13. Thanks a lot for your help man, I appreciate that you take the time to reply in such detail. I assume that Embermount drops are considered the top tier at the moment and during the next upgrade CDT will add a new map with even better rewards? Who know, maybe we will get items close to the powerlevel of Rainmaker, for the rest of us that didn't have the priviledge in participating in the old events. :)
  14. I am new to the party since I recently started playing the game, but I would like to know how can a new player such as myself get hold of event items like these? Are event items better than the end game gear items you can farm by playing the game on NM difficulty? PS: I saw some screenshots of those items and they have insane stats like +1000 to each category, almost like hacked items. Did they seriously release items like the Rainmaker(haven't seen anything close to it) for a selected few who participated in the events? Doesn't seem fair nor balanced if these are allowed in Ranked mode.
  15. I have been trying to find an up to date guide on the best DPS and builder weapons and how to farm them? Can someone make a list and name the best weapons per hero (for DPS or tower builds) or provide a link to the most up to date weapon guide?
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