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  1. Because before dps formula not count crit dmg or/and chance , and now formula not count only crit chance , so it show dps like u have 100% crit chance:D
  2. There was atleast 3 topics about this >_> Elemental servos not trigger any combo, at least for now. Idk about future.
  3. Last hit , for kill , deal mostly single target towers. If yr aoe towers kills more enemies - boom servo good , if not - no. Boom servo not add aoe, its give it after kill. Also before 200-300 fl enemies havent so much health for speaking about scaling, and %dmg servo are good. ))
  4. Slimes already have aoe dmg , better rise %dmg without support mods like ***boom >_>
  5. Hornets are good single target destroyer, but have some problems with masses like goblins. So as for me - better gobuboom, and its the most necessary.
  6. With elementals servo towers dont get magical type dmg and not make any "combo" with other elements. Its true atleast for now moment.
  7. There miss word like "for" its deal 400k total in 8 sec.
  8. Its depend in which path , for me mostly stuck when 14 mini ogres in the lane.
  9. Piercer servo Tenacity can be on relicks too.
  10. Power servo gives more power , but at c7 relicks already haves more power than u need , so elementals servo better becouse they change tower looks like ^_^ PDT with storm are cool and with earth are funny , hornets with fire also awesome looks like :D
  11. Before patch weapon with water dmg slow enemies. Idk about storm dmg , becouse always use drenching strike shard thats electrocutes even without storm weapon >_> Anyway my hopes about combo "fire hornets + slimes" was broken ='(
  12. Hi , as I can see fire/water/storm servo gives only some power and cool skin to tower, but there no one elemental effect... with fire enemies dont get ignited when oiled ... with water enemies dont get slowing... with storm enemies dont struck by lightning... Its bug or this one modes only for change how tower look like ?)
  13. No , shards gives same. Dryad world tree just have 3500 max range.
  14. Oh, yes! Confirmed - one of modes rise attack rate, better than defense rate shard!
  15. Yeah , for note about piercing geodes shields in real also only XX% amount of damage.
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