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  1. It makes me uncomfortable when people question me (._.)
  2. Hey gang, Sorry about the lack of Chaos I shards. You unfortunately caught the bad end of a bug that I just fixed. Chaos I shards should now be dropping in Chaos VII/Chaos VII+ content. Mark
  3. Hey, gang! The dropping of ruby clusters is working as intended. They drop only out of victory chests, and Chaos IV only gives you a chance at one; they are not a guarantee. Chaos V guarantees one cluster with a chance at a second, and Chaos VI guarantees one cluster with a higher chance for a second one. We want to encourage you to play the highest Chaos you can when grinding and we also wanted to strike a particular balance with material acquisition/consumption for progressing Chaos IV players. If you ever get an unlucky streak, you can always purchase them from fellow defenders. Happ
  4. I really dislike this trend that you guys have been going in. I bet most people do not want to farm a lower chaos tier just for a specific item to drop (that probably wont drop cause rng) while getting total garbage loot in the process. There is no such thing as "garbage loot" anymore. Any piece of loot can roll with a perfect primary stat, a perfect secondary stat, or a perfect MOD and you can quickly upgrade its strength to whatever Chaos tier you are at. You can upgrade any piece of loot's tier, chaos level, gear score, etc. And judging by our current data on how much materials are trad
  5. This is an excellent question. MODs that can drop for you are selected from a pool that is difficulty dependent. This pool expands as difficulty (Chaos level) climbs, meaning that with each difficulty you can find all of the MODs from prior difficulties as well as new MODs that you can find starting at the difficulty you're playing! For example (and these numbers are totally hypothetical): Chaos I has a pool of 10 possible MODs that can drop. Chaos II introduces 15 new MODs that can drop from any difficulty at or above Chaos II. The means that the number of MODs that you can see dropped in
  6. Hey All, A lot of you have reported that you have ran into range caps on Defenses. This is actually something that was supposed to be a part of the game since release, but instead was fixed with this expansion so the caps are actually enforced. With the tons of power that we've added to the game, we're using this as an opportunity to see if the gigantic range is needed. Giant range brings a lot of potential issues both balance-wise and also technical-wise (more range could really drain some resources). For right now, we're monitoring how these changes affect the game, and are open to change d
  7. We have updates coming soon that will fill you in on more of what we plan to release. I can't spill the beans right now, but let's just say that the team has recognized and put a lot of thought behind this specific challenge while we worked on the tons of content that the next update will contain. Enlightenment is on the horizon. Love, Mark
  8. Hey Flurrball, Sorry that you caught the bad end of this bug. You didn't lose your bag space, but unfortunately your ability to select that bag is hidden. We are aware of the issue and will be putting out a fix for this shortly. In the mean time, you can still find items in the hidden bag if you select the "filter by" option in your inventory.
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