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  1. If you use the Discord, you might be able to message mods directly and get that changed.
  2. The biggest bonus to the healing aura is the immunity to spider webs.
  3. This is a decent starting point. I am rather surprised that this information is not easily found. Prior to live, the numbers were clear, not so much anymore. Thanks!
  4. I have been enjoying DDA lately, but I have a couple of questions regarding gear. I was wondering if there is an updated resource on upgrade caps. Back in early access the gear cap was 403 for weapons and 337 for armor. I am looking to get updated numbers on armor and weapon now? I wouldn't mind knowing accessories and pets also. But any direction would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. The genie drops from Ramparts Survival wave 15 chest, or Throne Room 25 chest (but can be any of act 2 pets). As far as the weapon goes. Alchemical Labs drops a very good weapon for the Huntress (Demon Horn), but be sure to loot the chest with an active Huntress.
  6. I have been dabbling with some DDA of late after taking time off. Prior to me quitting, I was able to solo Promenade and Summit NMHC. Then the gear changes came through, and my stats got squished. Now I am finding it harder to press as far. With the new changes, is there a mode I should be playing that will allow me to break into Massacre mode? I was able to clear Deeper Well 1 time with blocking the whole time on my Squire with the pet from Summit Survival. But that takes forever, and I would not prefer to do this to progress. Feels like towers are not as powerful as they once were for me. Gr
  7. I recently came back to DDA. I love the start at wave function. Yesterday I was able to start at 13 to farm up some pets. But now I cannot start at that in Summit. Anyone else having this issue? I was able to join a game at start at 14, but I want to try myself. I beat 25 in NH already. Thanks!
  8. My best suggestion based on the information we have is to make sure your video card drivers are up to date. I have ran into problems in the past with other games when my card drivers were not current.
  9. Speed or Power tend to be best with 4 targets. But if you had to choose 1, Tower Speed is superior to Tower Power once you get a around 1500 Tower Power, until then, you are probably best using a Tower Power gem.
  10. It is best to test your towers in the tavern. The most helpful thing you can do is mess with Power and Defense Rate, add like 5 points into 1 or the other and check the DPS. Granted I would encourage this with the last 100 points you can spend. Following the 2/1 power to rate ratio, I think you will be pleased.
  11. I agree with most of these points, just want to add, since they changed the flight path of Chopter's, I would encourage 1.1k range on your Apprentice. That will help hit them pesky Chopters.
  12. The only time I ran into this issue was when my DDA was not fully updated.
  13. I know upgrades are 337 for armour and 403 for weapons. Stats are a little bit harder to clearly note.
  14. The search for the god rock continues. It is a struggle for sure! Can't wait or wave skip.
  15. I have not seen it resetting for a while now. But I did have issues early. Always a good idea to check before grinding.
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