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  1. There isn't this stage of tiering up where you pucker up and kiss the asses of event hosts for items. There isn't a begging culture. You are taking isolated events and generalizing them to all event hosts. Admittedly, maybe I have mis-categorized and generalized it however, you are doing the same thing. If you are categorized this as any other friend to friend transactions then there will be no need for the secrecy. When its done behind closed doors, it looks suspicious. I dont think you can also 100% say if it rarely happens or not. Characterizing this as rare is disingenuous. I personal
  2. I dont know how often it does but even happening at all doesnt set well with me. There shouldn't be a incentive for being friends with mods. It doesnt break the game just makes it unfair. It killed my motivation to progress because it adds another element to the game which is kissing up to the mods in hopes of receiving something. It directly creates this begging culture, I'm sure many have seen before. So I cant provide what you ridiculously ask for so this is your response? Black Mamba quote: I've heard things from people who have over 3000-4000 hours in this game about favor
  3. To the first point of not personally hearing about it, it maybe because it supposed to be a "secret". My friends may have a bigger mouth than the group of people you know, or I maybe more trusted with being told this, it can be a number of factors. I dont know why you never heard it before (not saying you should of to begin with) and I dont why I heard from others resembling the same story. In all cases, when I heard somethings were going on, the people who told me would emphasizing how it's a secret. This I assume because it's not suppose to be allowed. Which I didnt know till DDace pointed
  4. I agree with that. I think the reason you stated why Events were introduced is also great. Just hope its fair for all and there's no shady business in the community when it suppose to bring the community together. As long as theres any items that's legitimately in the game, it will always create a demand for it. It doesnt matter if its Ults or events, its basic supply and demand economics, wanting it is only a natural outcome. just need to stop the favoritism type behaviors on here.
  5. As for showing off items, I'm much more impressed with someone showing off some Ult++ armor they farmed then some event item they got. Once again I dont care for your personal opinions they are subjective. Those questions you asked are not the concerns Im discussing here so please make another thread if you wish to discuss them. I want to make sure my issues about this game are not sidetracked. Furthermore, as DDace has mentioned above this should not be happening in first place, as he stated because Ranked sever should be fair for all.
  6. Please read above since I already covered how it affects me.
  7. I appreciate that you point out mods are not allowed to give extra items unless it's an giveaway but, hearing from multiple accounts. It still happens. And I think people who receive these extras are told to keep it a secret because as you said mods are not allowed to. And it also seems pretty frequent.
  8. To this point, to each his own. The reasons why I read game guides is I can get knowledge a lot faster. Some may prefer to get knowledge by experiences, reading guides, or watching videos, I personally prefer videos and game guides because they are a lot faster form of learning for me. I will also argue that you can learn and know more about the game and its mechanics through guides. For example, doing the campaign doesnt teach you that ogres will completely ignore other defenses because they target LTs. Another would be how to build your characters or even more seriously what are hacked ite
  9. I agree it's a fun game to the casual player not planning on collecting Ult++ & Ult+ armor/events. There not really needed to do anything on the game in fact, reading back through reviews (2012-2015) of this game, one of the reasons why some hardcore players who put in 2000+ hours quit this game is because of the introduction of OP items, which watered down the difficulty of this game coupled with their claims of developers being greedy and releasing many DLCs to get as much money as possible. All that is personally irrelevant to me. However, why is there a "Trading" thread that people gat
  10. I would recommend this game to many who are just wanting to kill time and have fun. Not only this this game is really fun but it also has a great community who are willing to help new players. I have 500 hours on this game and because of the great community, within 100 hours into the game I was able to farm Kings game on survival NMHC, around 200 hours into the game I was able to farm Moonbase on survival NMHC. But as I started to drop countless of sups, Ults, Ults +, and 3 Ults++ armors because I was farming Moonbase around 10 times a week for about 2 months, I felt something was strange. F
  11. That would be great but I cant till like tomorrow since Im really busy. Does it make a difference using keyboards vs joystick? Because I heard keyboards are faster when building not sure if that applies to races.
  12. How is everyone doing that map in 3-4 mins? Are there like secret short cuts or something? If so please show me since the contest is over anyways.
  13. Here is my submission. Very challenging map! Took me like 30 hours to get this time. And completed it only 3 times lol. https://ibb.co/mttZy6 https://imgur.com/a/aoV7c Uploaded same picture on two different sites to make sure it works lol. I guess my choices in order are: 1) Greater Magite of the wind 2) The Rockshatter 3) Aladdin's Wish Thanks!
  14. We dont get the kismet error message or any special error message. We get automatically logged and receive the (You lost connection with the host) message. Soon as we start the event map. We can join each other if we are at the tavern. We can also play the map by ourselves but not with each other. I will try again though. Maybe it was because we didnt restart as you said above. Thanks
  15. Does anyone know how to play event maps on open with friends? Everytime My friend or I host a map and we join each other's game we get logged off. Does anyone know how to stop this problem? So we can play together on an event map on open. Thanks.
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