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  1. I used monk for building the whole time, and i still do. I even think they are still a bit OP As i said earlier, the problem isnt that its getting nerfed, its that its nerfed BY INCREASING COST, id rather have reduced damage This is very much what my problem is with it. 4, I could deal with. It was starting to seem a bit pricey, but I managed to work them in. Five now, though? It costs too much for what it does, physically on the map, for me to build it. If you want to ramp the damage down, go nuts. Monks are a support class. Very much add-to-taste. Well its hard to add it in when it t
  2. I waited for the game for a year, checking in and out on it. I enjoy the game a lot. I think Trendy did an excellent job. However, I also complained about the DLC. The shifting image of their pay scheme bothers me. If I didn't enjoy and care about the game, I wouldn't have bothered going to the forums, I just would have quit.
  3. wish enrage was as cool as I'd hoped it to be. enrage aura killed mobs (by other mobs) dont even drop items, nor mana. lolz. way to screw 8 DU, huh? Enrage is basically an expensive and terrible way of doing what a squire does best: stop enemies from advancing. It sounds way more useful than it has ever proved for me.
  4. Note: I didn't per se call them useless. They are useless in the grand scheme. I build with every class. I use squires to stop enemies, concentrate them, and prevent them from getting to my towers. I use mages to damage them once they get to the walls. I use my monk to slow them down in their wall-breakage. I use my huntress to kill lines of them as they walk towards my choke-point. So to me, the fact that auras don't take damage is effectively a non-point. My towers don't take damage because they're far from enemies, but outperform the electric aura by a lot and link to enemies much further
  5. What's the deal Trendy? Electric auras are 5 DU now? All you're doing there is putting more points on the side of "just build a lightning tower, stupid." Before, my monk was capable of doing 2 awesome things (slow/elec), 1 vaguely useful thing (strength drain), 1 thing that had its occasional uses (healing aura), and 1 thing that was almost always worthless (enrage). Now the only particularly useful thing my monk can do is slow things down. Actually, let me rephrase that... Now the only particularly useful thing my monk can do THAT IS AT ALL WORTH THE COST is slow things down. Electric
  6. People seem to be splitting this into two inaccurate arguments. You seem to think that we're mad the DLC isn't free because either 1) the DLC isn't worth the cost, or 2) we don't want to give Trendy any more money. While the first one does seem to be very true (I mean, c'mon... Slightly different characters with mildly different uses? Woohoo...) the second is very much not. 5$ is by no means more than Trendy deserves. If they wanted to put a paypal button up somewhere that said "Hey, we're still working hard on this **** and getting no monetary rewards... Wanna help us out?" I would gla
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