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  1. I got one too, but mine was from completing my daily. Instead of getting my 400 gems from boss map completions, it gave me that Thunder-O egg. I was told by a trendy staff that it was a bug, so I reported it just like he said.
  2. Throwing a random number out there, but 90% of the loot in nm4 onslaught is gray with normal iPWR. Loot is fixed after closing the game entirely.
  3. I paid for it as well and don't mind at all :D Playing games is fun ayyyy.
  4. I'm in! stuck at loading screen...
  5. The point is there was obviously too many difficulties. Or the four main heroes have been lifting and now easy is just unnecessary
  6. At least i was able to play two times harb. Easy harb is gone you now have to fight against ca. 2kk HP harb for leveling :c wait easy harb sucks now?
  7. I just pay attention to my medals and quests every time i log in :D Stock up on pet affection and item booster items before completing quests.
  8. Pretty much. Although, my AL's helm is 8% Archer and 3% def crit chance and the EV2 has a def health stat with 4% def crit chance. Too hard to find perfect stat helm with the low drop rate.
  9. Glad to see someone actually playing the game. I'm tired of seeing boosted 50s with bad gear in nm4 inc Bastille. Lol.
  10. Archer AL is at 771 and Proton Beam EV2 at 773
  11. Is there an update today? Also, I just got the thunder-o pet instead of the 400 medals i wanted through daily. Is this intentional? Lol.
  12. Won 99% of the time joining pubs if I build and tell them what to do. Only loss really is if people keep dying. Lol.
  13. Is there any benefit to playing in a group for onslaught other than helping others gear up? Are there more drops/better drops?
  14. After the patch, the default keyboard key is E to complete ev beams, but I'm getting "no key to finish tower placement" update: never mind. i just pressed default and now it works lol
  15. Is it worth upgrading gear using items that aren't of the same type? i.e. upgrading a sword with other weapon types or armor pieces.
  16. I just got back from a long time of not playing and all my founder gems are gone. Any idea what happened to it and why? I bought that 6 game pack for $70 a long time ago that came with 2 copies of dd2, 2 dd1, and 2 dd eternity. I believe it came with gems for both dd2 accounts and the councillor wardrobes. Edit: Never mind. It randomly appeared after relogging 5 times lol
  17. Is there anywhere on the site where I can find my 1st Gen Councillor key codes or will I have to contact Trendy for that?
  18. I'm on my 3rd run of Hard Throne Room and I haven't seen a single boss mob. Not even an ogre on the final wave. Bug or bad luck with RNG?
  19. Just saw one in the tavern shop. Any idea if a super-loot snowball is possible in the tavern?-
  20. Lol a few of the mana that came from presents in the tavern got stuck under the training dummy. WHAT DO?!
  21. Not sure where I picked it up. I just noticed it in my item box. http://imageshack.us/f/522/whoan.png/
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