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  1. I wonder how this will effect the harpoon towers on the assault challenges, not that I could complete them on nightmare anyway :)
  2. Based on testing and the supplied data in the graphic, those updated notes are not accurate. Hopefully more accurate information will come your way including the undocumented nerf to the monk ensnare arua (which now has a hard cap) I was the one who did that spreadsheet. There clearly are a lot more changes than "Exponential Damage Ramp reduced by 15%", mainly the major nerfs to Lightning Tower atttributes. And I find it very odd that I saw no change in DPS on FB/DST whereas many other people have reported major reductions in all their towers (at higher stats than mine)... something is up
  3. I don't know... I kind of like the idea of instakilling Ogres this way ;)
  4. Did some testing in offline mode on my exported apprentice (with very low stats) before updating the game and did a half-assed excelsheet: http://i.imgur.com/BD7kb.png Conclusions: 3% nerf to all tower HP Major nerfs to Lightning Tower attributes (chain length, max targets, range) 38% DPS nerf to Magic Missile and Lightning Tower No DPS-nerfs to Fireball Tower and Deadly Striker Tower 26% DPS nerf to Guardian As I said... this is with low stats (300-600) :)
  5. Some pretty nasty stuff has been posted the last day or so and I thought, since I've played the game since release, that I should atleast voice my opinion. I have had a lot of fun playing the game, still do and will continue to support the company for as long as I'm having fun with their product, simple as that. Free event DLCs and the release of the free sourcecode are both amazing! I cannot for the life of me understand the rage of some users, it just doesn't make any sense to me. Sure the game has flaws, and that's nothing surprising, almost every game has them! Either you adapt to and
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