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  1. Knowing that little will change until after DDA launches, I think you folks are right to plan ahead for the time when that won't be as much of an obstacle. I think Jaws really hit on something there. Since gilding helped to make the storage situation worse, maybe we could co-opt the existing shard dusting system to improve it. Maybe make gilding require either 10 of the same shard or a massive amount of dust?
  2. That is definitely one of the rougher parts of the current system. The rng protection that is present is nice to have, but it can't substitute for going through slowly enough to ensure our inputs are as intended. Since I expect to need to do 7000 or so runs of drakenfrost maps, I already know that I won't be able to zip through the rerolls. If I missed even one 10, I wouldn't have the heart to ever launch the game again.
  3. I do agree with the principle behind the original post. That's a ridiculous number of rerolls when considering that it will only get you one. A problem with the system from my perspective is really that it's just so bleak to contemplate. It can lead to thought patterns like "Okay, so I eventually want to get 10/10 for every mod that I use. They're just too powerful and in some cases necessary to not do that. And for others it's just a nice bit of breathing room and flexibility to play with builds and react to mutators. So 3 mods per relic...per defense that I want to potentially use or at least have available in my arsenal... Uh maybe I'll only work on the mods in the gear of one hero... 286 rerolls per mod... tokens per drakenfrost map... No, that's too many zeros. Maybe I'll just play Spider-man instead." I know I was elated to learn that I could buy specific shards with defender medals when I came back to the game after a year and change. The number of medals is kept high enough to really make you want to plan and consider it a serious purchase. Could we similarly see a system where we invest some amount of currency or material to simply increase a mod's level by 1? In this way there would be an alternative to praying that a chance on a chance eventually lands on the magic number for you after thousands of attempts. Like with the shards I can now think "Well I won't be able to buy any more specific shards until I do three or four more dailies, but at least I've made progress toward my desired build!" It's measurable and feels more controlled. The sense of knowing that you got at least something for the time invested is good. Being left wondering if it mattered at all isn't quite so good.
  4. I like the idea at its core. Breaking down and reusing mod components would be nice. In fact it'd be pretty sweet to just be able to use them to level up other mods instead of the incredibly nasty reroll mechanic that's currently in place. In fact I wonder if that wouldn't be a nice way to go with shard dust as well: allow it to be used for something specific and concrete like buying a specific shard or upgrading a shard's level instead of the gacha packs that just perpetuate that problem.
  5. Lack of cross-platform play is a sadly common failure in games. Hopefully more will come up to standard in the years to come.
  6. It's not just the campaign missions. It's difficult to find people playing at all outside the main hub. It's a shame, because having other people to play with really makes or breaks this game. I've slowly begun debating trying it for PC even though my specs are low. I'm just not sure if it'll be worth it to start over.
  7. I would like for there to be a way to get rid of all the undesired shards that get heaped upon you in exchange for getting a shard that you actually want. Something like that would probably fit best in some kind of crafting system. In this way we would still need to farm and keep playing, but there would finally be a sense of an end or goal in sight rather than despairing over a potentially endless drudgery.
  8. This is definitely something I want. Either that or a way to adjust the loot table to not include shards I place no value in.
  9. I've actually started running into this as early as Chaos 3. If my gear doesn't have Hero Health, I struggle to do more than a few hits before I have to jump out and heal. That's to say nothing of the goblin suiciders if any manage to light their fuse. And if the medallion I use for my Lightning Strike Aura doesn't have health, I'm going to struggle with burning all kinds of resources keeping them charged. Flame Aura seems to scale with something in addition to Defense Health, because the number of charges it's getting now are pretty massive. Meanwhile LSA using a relic without health has charges as if the character was still working through the campaign.
  10. This is definitely something I'd want.
  11. I agree that having chat would be nice. I'd go a step further and say I'd like to experiment with it detecting my wireless keyboard and mouse. It seems silly to me that I play Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 with keyboard and mouse, yet I can't for another game which also is designed to run on PC. I would've thought reusing the same architecture would've saved time in the long run since the same build could've been used on all three platforms. But that's probably just proof I don't know the development details. And let's be real. With the current implementation of the inventory system, trying to get around with a controller feels slow and clunky. Now the rest of the game feels perfectly fine for my controller so far though.
  12. Since the new players angle was brought up, and I am one, I thought I'd weigh in. The game definitely seems to have a lot going on under the hood, and I like that aspect. In fact I'd like it to be displayed in a more open manner rather than with more obfuscation. Apparently back before I started playing the item level or "item power" of a piece of equipment was a visible statistic. Given the way gearing now appears to work (being based off your best-equipped hero active in your deck), it would make sense to have it be visible. In that same vein I notice that the automatic bag sort feature arranges highest rarity first and only then does it secretly sort them by item power. This is definitely the opposite of what I would want as a player of any level of familiarity. I'd want things sorted by what is genuinely the most powerful first (and being legendary doesn't make something automatically more powerful) with rarity being a secondary sorting method. That way I could look at my bag and easily understand "Okay, here's my ipwr 100 gear. Oh, but there's a legendary ipwr 90 after it. I'll probably use that on my dps while my mule wears the other one." I'm the apparently uncommon type of player that actually does a bit of research into a game's mechanics the second I find myself willing to play it more than twice. I want to be well equipped mentally so that I hopefully reduce some of the potentially more painful new player mistakes. I can definitely tell that the display of the gear system does try to help with that, but I also feel it falls short to a degree. I would also like to see an automatic sorting that actually moves the gear rather than just creates a phantom image that only gets in the way if I try to move something from one bag to the other.
  13. All I can really say is "it's about time." Cross-platform play in more games should have existed for years. I definitely will not be one to volunteer to pay for it. But I'll be glad.
  14. For console at least, the automatic sorting prioritizes rarity and only then does it prioritize item power. Frankly I'd like for item power to be a visible stat like it apparently was before I started playing. At the very least let the items sort by item power primarily and rarity secondarily as an option. At least this is the feedback I hope to give currently.
  15. The same issue is present on PS4. I'm rather new so I expected to be able to just change camera angle with the right stick. I was sure disappointed when that didn't pan out. Though for that matter I'd like for there to be keyboard and mouse support. I can't pretend to know, but since it's already there in the Steam version of the game, I would think that could be ported over.
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