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  1. Hi there, For me Bees are usefull because of the range they have, so i use Fire on them, to make them deal 2x damage to any Frost monster. MODS = Fire + Mele damage + Ranged Damage (no mods is 100% damage, with fire is 200% and Mele+Ranges = 260% damage to any Frost Mobs) SHARDS = Destruction + Rate + Deadly Strikes (all Gilded)
  2. i like the new Forum, especially because of the icons :) And my Monk is still here, i love it (Although i was 307 messages ... but the difference is so small, i don't care)
  3. yes, it's about creation date ... Any account has 2 Bags free ... but when the Vault Update came, older accounts got 2 more Vaults for free.But today's accounts will have 1 Vaut + 1 Bag But if you want my advice ... go to DLC and buy the 6.25 $ Pack ... with that you get 2000 Gems and you can buy ALL 8 bags ... this offer will end tomorrow on Steam (as far as i know)
  4. This is strange ... usually new skins come with Updates ... This is an underhand method of letting us know, the next Update is in a stall ... but i don't mind ... i know developing a concept takes time and effort since i work with concepts daily, plus from time to time i have to overcome hurdles if i want to create awesome content ... so ... we (Defenders) want you (Trendy) to know ... Take your time to make this game the best Tower Defence game, because at the end of the day, we will be here, waiting.  btw ... that Lavamancer looks Cyber-Cool, great adition ... i'm already Hyped for wh
  5. East Europe >>> more specific = DKMT Region
  6. Good idea ... but ... nope ... i still have the error Sorry, this promotion is not available in your regionI even tried Tor ... a browser that offers anonimity ... and the error is 404 Not Found.
  7. Don't worry too much, this will change ... in time.
  8. Guys, let me remind 2 things: Mastery is EASY now, after we got MODS, mastery got A LOT easier, so Jaws, Paloverde ... you will NEVER go through the Original Mastery ... don't worry ... we had that privilege only once ... now it will be just farming normal maps like Expedition.YES the whole point of resetting Mastery is to get another Hypershard set ... as Devs said in December Devlog "we MIGHT add a feature to reset Mastery so you can have more than 1 Mass Destr"
  9. Paloverde you don't have to be a Dev ... you got me all Hyped up with those images
  10. i know what they are doing ... Devs are working on super COOL Updates and ... Polishing the next Hero ... and making a surprize on AP reset changes ... Spoiler alert: ... "maybe we can reset Mastery stars instead of AP" ... maybe ...
  11. Hi Ninja Kiwi, i like the idea of an Poison Tree with AOE effect ... that could be usefull with 4 Control Burn in Onsalught.
  12. there are many reasons, i will only point out one of them: Double Jump - this is a ability VERY good for map control, you jump from one side of the map to the other in no time, so you can deal with 2 bosses far away from each other. This ability is for 3 Heroes Monk, Dryad, and Gunwich ... but Gunwich has low HP ... Dryad is hated by others, so this leaves them with the original Hero = Monk ... (i have to admit that i find Dryad better than Monk at flying fast from one side of the map to the other) ... Devs tried to give us more speed movement on other Heroes like Lavamancer . but he hits obst
  13. Hi Acenf, that is a usual behavior since Pirates Update ... also on most maps Dreadbones is not attacked by bees ... or they attack for 1-2 seconds than leave it ... Hornets are still bugged.
  14. Good idea, especialy that AP resetters are full of Pristine Motes but lacks Plain Motes / Shiny Motes. I saved up 700 Blue Motes and 400 Green Motes before starting resets ... now with my current consumption i can hold 15 more resets ... but i am slow ... one reset per 10 days average.
  15. It's intentional and it's a good defence. Period. Now ... what the Devs could do to prevent this confusion is to change the Stars shown when you inspect the Tree. And i hope Devs can add more Heroes with special Towers .... like 10 Upgrades and only 2 upgrades ... if we can put a wish for Christmas ... this is my wish :D and i hope it will come true.
  16. Hi Jantou, most people uses Water Damage, because together with Shocking Revelation will generate the Electrocute combo (that's a 4 second Stun)
  17. Here is one idea: Percentage Pack = Every Mythic Pack (Purple) should have 3 items coming out not 4 .... BUT ... one of the items should have a 60 % chance to drop something you don't own, the second items should have a 30 % chance to drop something you don't own already, and the Third items is PET related 100 % Doing this method "Percentage Pack" will increase players loot far better ... so out of 38 Packs you should have 22 New items ... WITH THE WORST RNG possible ... and if there is any consolation ... someone could have even worst RNG than yours
  18. Hi all, good points were made in this Thread so i'll add my own observations. Shops are not visible enough ... i make a shop and i have to show them to the right people otherwize i don't get to sell ... for example i was selling 8/10 Defence Rate and Piercer Servo and i stayed AFK a long time to sell just because the people who would buy are not in the same Town Hub with me ... the solution for this is simple ... make a shop that can be seen by the entire ServerAFK just to sell ... it started with a few players and now it's a pandemic ... i was once in a 17 out of 20 people maximum in a town h
  19. Hello Graph, even if you have MAX Gear you can't solo C7 from 2 reasons: You don't have the proper ShardsYou don't have the adequate MODSI know the truth might hurt but ... the best way to "Become a Builder" is to go C1 ... farm C1 for about 100 maps, until you have 2 or 3 Shards called Destruction ... after that go C3 and farm for a Shard called Deadly Strikes 2 or 3 of them ... after that farm C4 for 2 or 3 Shards called Defence Rate. This is a minimum you need to go forward ... and doing this you will get some good MODS along the way, so you have Shards and Mods in the same time. There are
  20. i feel your pain ... but instead of farming Campain Relics and Move and Use Motes to get back to C7 ... it's better to do one reset, and upgrade those Relics. But ... if you want some good news ... Devs are Rethinking some aspects of AP Reset ... so they might allow us to save Relics from reset ... but it's just a hunch ... i don't want to Hype anything ... it's just my wish :)
  21. Ups ... i haven't kicked someone in a LoooooNG time :) now it is temporarily disabled ...
  22. Dryad's primary atack (Hold Left Click) ends in Poison leaves ... for example with a medium sword you have 1 Hit, 2 Hits, 3 Hits, and the last one is the poison leaves that apply poison to all enemies in range ... that's why she is good as a counter to controlled burn lanes ... just primary attack.
  23. True ... i didn't think of that ... but what about this feature only works in Solo mode ? And one more idea that i forgot to mention is the Onslaught Flair reward ... it might be nice to have a flair waiting at Floor 200 than 330 than 570 ... so we have mroe incentive to climb.
  24. Excel made by fans with each enemy, what type it is ... enjoy
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