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  1. Yes was going to suggest remote play but thought maybe he dosn't have a PS4.
  2. No it's not on the Asian store unfortunately. I guess they don't think it would be popular. But the Asian store has alot of games not released in the west so guess it evens out in the end. You can make a US or an EU store account and then get it that way, the only problem with that is you will not be able to buy ingame currency or download the free stuff. If that isnt an issue for you it would definitely be to your benifit. There are alot of tutorials on youtube or just google making a US or EU psn account. There are free games released on both markets which are not available on the other. H
  3. Howdy all you DD2 players I've been playing for around 6 months casually. Was a huge DD1 fan back in the day on PC and PS3. I know play on PS4, solo 95% of the time for a couple of resons. Firstly i'm a very mature gamer (in other words i'm a miserable old git) and none of my friends play, secondly when I open my games up it seems I attract all the impatient players that try to start before everything is setup or all the idiots who try to place their own towers down knowing that they are subpar. I'm currently ansencion level 134 or there abouts. Ok my main problem, i've been playing chaos tria
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