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  1. I've used an autoclicker in a few games before and never had an issue (Terraria, L4D, etc). It doesn't change any files in the game that would alert VAC, in fact it has nothing to do with the game at all. You can test this yourself by opening the program then going to a clicks/sec website. Also some mice and keyboards have recordable macros that you can put on repeat (e.g my G15 and G700) and there is nothing that anybody can do against it. I personally don't use them for DD but I'm not going to lie and say I have never thought about it. Also if you have one of said keyboards you can get
  2. Not sure if trolling... That's why there's a cap on the amount of money you can get from vendoring items. 100mill is nothing nowdays, with the exorbitant prices going on in peoples stores you will need alot more than that to get a decent item. Just check the for sale forums and you will be looking at 200mill+ easy. It may give you a small amount of money back from upping it 51 times but surely not enough to break an already broken economy.
  3. It still isn't low enough. When you hit 100mill you can't gain mana from doing runs anymore, the only way you can gain mana is from your item shop. This makes it extremely boring to play. You sit in an insane MM survival for 5-6 hours in the hopes of making it to wave 21+ so you can upgrade your gear without getting anything along the way. Then you receive the gear you need (maybe) and you go to upgrade it and it costs you 80mill mana so you have to go back into the insane survival to finish off the set or to make more mana. They need to increase the mana cap from items being sold on the
  4. Make the ability to gain mana off items sold after each wave go up to cap. I am over 100,000,000 at the moment and doing runs isn't worth it anymore. I need to reach wave 22+ to get any decent items that I can use/sell and I am not even getting mana on the way from loot on the ground etc to buy the items that other people have as they are selling for 100mill+. I don't know why you classed items being sold after waves as being sold to the vendor but it makes me want to play the game less, knowing that I have to spend 5 hours in a game without reveiving anything just to have a chance at
  5. Yoshi667

    So that's why we had no lives left at the end of the wave 11. Started with just me and my mate and people kept joining. The game got full, people kept leaving/getting kicked and we finished up with no lives, even though nobody had died.
  6. Possibly jumping up onto the railing. I'm not the one that usually builds but I'll have a look. Those railings are so annoying so it wouldn't surprise me if it was them causing it. I just thought it was phasing because I have seen it before and it happened everytime on those particular waves. Just find it weird it takes them 21 waves to work out they can get through or maybe they aren't fast enough to make it through the auras/traps/arrows till then.
  7. We usually use a Squire barricade as he has 400+ tower health and our apps only have maybe 100-150. But we definetly make sure we can't run around/through them. It's ALWAYS at wave 20-21 that they phase through though, full DU, nothing has got through up until then and full crystal HP, all of a sudden we are dead and the camera shows one of those brute things beating on it with some goblins sometimes too. I'll give the app barricades a go next time we run one. Will also FRAPS that wave so I have video evidence.
  8. I was running a mix mode insane last night. Got to wave 21 before monsters phased through the barricades and killed the crystal (like always). The loot I was receiving from 17+ was pretty terrible and both my mate, his mate and I all commented on how bad the loot was compared to other runs. This was on patch 7.12d. Still have not been able to see past wave 21 though, seems whenever we get to it monsters start phasing through our barricades and go straight for the cystal.
  9. Or you could just let yourself get walked all over and every game that comes out would be like BF3 or MW3. Crap gameplay with the same gfx they used two years ago that can barely stay running for an entire game without crashing or DCs. Not optimized for PC with terrible FoV and having one weapon/class that absolutely dominates all others. Or they could go the HoN route... Is that really what you want OP? Because if us gamers (the people that actually pay for and play the game) didn't express our dissatisfaction, gaming companies would keep releasing these steaming piles of crap they ca
  10. And I guess with the ninja nerf to loot it won't make a difference, people won't be playing it much so you won't be missing out on it. Back to farming survival for 5-7hrs I guess. Then again, if there's nothing to do after getting the gear/upgrades from survival, what's the point?
  11. Well my understanding of "specifically" is that it only happens in Uber Monster Fest. Now I could be wrong and I haven't tested it myself on any maps. I guess it would clear things up if it was "specifically for Uber Monster Fest" instead of "specifically on Uber Monster Fest". I could be looking too far into it and I could be looking too far into your question though, it wouldn't be a bad global change though. Might make actual tower builds useful again (instead of all the aura/trap builds I see).
  12. Should be 7.12c and they probs fix the easier stuff and then work towards the bigger stuff like mobs phasing, no loot bugs etc. At least I can spend some mana now, so retarded that after 100mill you can't even get mana for running anything. How am I supposed to buy stuff when people are selling it for 100s of millions (forums not shop) and I can't even grind that much?! Guess I just gotta wait for someone to set something in their shop for a stupid price then buy it. If there's one thing I know it's that I can always rely on human stupidity.
  13. Definetly not what this game is about. It definetly isn't about standing there staring down a hallway for 5-7hrs holding down LMB. It definetly isn't about needing enough mana to upgrade your weapons/armor so people don't instakick you from said game where you stare down the hallway. It definetly isn't about needing to grind insane glitter if you don't have the gear to get into said games to make enough to buy that 100mill item from someones AFK shop/forums. And it definetly isn't about once you get the gear from said hallway staring games needing to grind for more mana so you can upgr
  14. So going through the latest patchnotes I don't see anything about mob phasing issues? Just wondering if TE is actually working on a fix for this? I've seen it plenty of times, you have full DU everything is barricaded off all of a sudden two or three mobs run THROUGH the barricades and rape your crystal while you have your back turned. I know I am not the only one who has seen this and I was trying to look for a post where a TE employee had said they are working on it but I can't find one. They fixed the skeles, they fixed the random ranged projectiles now they just need to make th
  15. Console players are *better than me* we all knew that already. The bane of the gaming industry. Make em wait I say. All better now -classic
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