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  1. Why did the mob count go from 1300 wave 12 to 900 wave 13 o.0
  2. How much monk aura size do you need for the middle strength drain to reach both lanes?
  3. Just finished her solo in 2 mins using huntress guardian ;D Squire stats: 7xx/1700/5xx/1000 rest: 800-1000 I used FireWynd's guide which worked well for me: http://ddplanner.com/?l=1516,mistymire-solo-campaign-nm-hc-723c-post-squire-tower-nerf
  4. what in the world is mix-mode... i only see pure strat and surival
  5. Since no one else is discussing this i want to know what kind of rewards you get from this other than the achievement before i decide to buy it or not.
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