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  1. Buen dias a todos, queria contarles a todo esta nueva experiencia que comenzare en mi vida, y que este juego hizo que conociera a muy buenas personas.. Mi nombre es Nicolas, soy de venezuela, tengo 25 años, supongo o me imagino que muchos ya sabran la situacion critica de mi pais, es por ello que a esta fecha e decidido hacer un gran cambio y tome la dificil decision de emigrar. yo no soy ninguna persona de altos recursos, si no lo contrario, me vi forzado a vender mis pocas pertenencias para poder costear los costos de mi viaje, entre esas cosas estaba mi computador, donde pase horas y horas de placer en DD2 Y muchas cosas mas. Aqui en DD2, tuve la suerte de conocer muy buenos amigos, de muchas partes del mundo, pero por sobre todo un amigo de Peru, cuyo pais por casualidad es al cual voy a emigrar, no por que este mi amigo alla, si no por la facilidad que me brinda a mi como venezolano, pero este amigo mio, aun sin conocernos en personas, solo por el juego y redes sociales quien compartimos muchas horas de insomnio jugando jeje, me brindara ayuda en su pais, brindandome un techo en donde llegar, toda la vida le estare agradecido a el y al juego quien me dio la oportunidad de conocerlo. Solo con 200$ us me iré del país a empezar de 0 motivo de todo esto; motiven mas el juego en equipo, no hay nada mejor en mi experiencia que conocer a otras personas que disfruten jugar el mismo juego :) sin mas que decir me despido, gracias por leer mi historia, estoy proximo a irme de mi pais en 2 meses quizas.. si este post no da problemas, en ese tiempo les comentare como me fue :) .. los extrañare dd2 :') Gracias CHIRA, Gracias DD2. Good morning to all, I wanted to tell you all about this new experience that I will begin in my life, and that this game made me meet very good people .. My name is Nicolas, I am from Venezuela, I am 25 years old, I suppose or I imagine that many will already know the critical situation of my country, that is why at this date and decided to make a big change and take the difficult decision to emigrate. I am not a person of high resources, if not the opposite, I was forced to sell my few belongings to be able to afford the costs of my trip, among those things was my computer, where I spent hours and hours of pleasure in DD2 And many things more. Here at DD2, I was lucky to meet very good friends, from many parts of the world, but above all a friend from Peru, whose country by chance is to which I'm going to emigrate, not because my friend is there, but because the ease that gives me as a Venezuelan, but this friend of mine, even without knowing us in people, just for the game and social networks who share many hours of insomnia playing hehe, I will help in your country, providing me a roof where to get , all my life I will be grateful to him and the game who gave me the opportunity to meet him. Only with 200 $ us I will leave the country to start from 0 reason for all this; motivate more team play, there is nothing better in my experience than to meet other people who enjoy playing the same game :)without saying more, I say goodbye, thanks for reading my story, I am about to leave my country in 2 months maybe .. if this post does not give problems, at that time I will comment on how it was :) I will miss you dd2: ' ) Ty CHIRA, Ty DD2.
  2. is quite annoying and stops the rapid progress in floors that every certain maps the ogres are attacked and it takes time this please solve excuse the English
  3. I see it in an easier way, because I know that they do not want to change the system already implemented, my opinion would be for example: floor 60, room 1. in Onslaught that looks like: 60-1 or 60/1 as you want. It happens to me very often fall of connection or low light, then that would help me a lot.
  4. Greetings, well maybe for you it was good for you before, but not for me, it's a fight that comes out before but I've noticed that it's harder now FORGIVE THE ENGLISH, IT IS A TRANSLATOR I AM SPEAKING SPANISH
  5. I feel somewhat frustrated almost do not fall defenders packs, almost 3 days playing on floors and not 1 chest this is very annoying because so few fall? to this day I have not seen my first mythical chest
  6. And the problem that you do not see the level of ascension after finishing the map?
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