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  1. Just tried Royal Gardens and somethin isnt right with the defenses for sure. They were walking right past gas traps and slice'n'dicers without too much trouble!
  2. NOT WORTH IT unless you use a tablet. IPod screen is just too small.maybe you could hook it up to a TV, but you'd still get horrible finger/wrist cramps. Why dont someone (Apple) make a proper gamepad for these devices and make it a standard???
  3. PSV VERSION PLEASE. Will sell like crazy!
  4. Completely agree with all points made by evoliphant. PC version is much easier, and more fun... There's almost too much loot! I do think it is deliberate so that people have to buy mana. I don't do in-app purchases. Would much rather if the mobile version was closer to PC, even if it cost €5 , its still one of the best iOS games by far... Also can we please please have a way to sync heroes between tablet and PC??? Please? Currently its one way only, AFAIK...
  5. How can you not have fun with this, DLC or not, and if it's not fun, why not play something else? I can see myself enjoying this for months to come, online play is always fun. I just pick up whatever good loot i find, occasionally spend mana to buy more, and occasionally spend some time clearing out the Item Box and upgrading my stuff. The latter is tedious but DD makes it almost enjoyable.
  6. Well that sucks cause the iOS version is awesome on the iPad, and just needs a few tweaks to be perfect. I agree with the following points already made: EXPENSIVE PETS> we gotta spend money for manna! Basically the iOS version is impossible to finish or to get even halfway thru without spending $$ on manna bags. I guess the game itself is very cheap, but still not the way to please your customers. We'd be happy to pay more for the game if it wasn't so focussed on in-app purchases. DIRECTIONAL MESSER> You'd have thought 3D games of today would have finally gotten round these camer
  7. Its also easy to back up your iOS game save using PhoneView app on the Mac, which can access the Applications folder on iDevices even without jailbreak. MUCH quicker and simpler than a full iTunes backup.I'm sure there is a windoze app that will do the same.
  8. Just updated iPad1 to iOS 5.0.1 and game runs great, just completed Throne Room online! I wouldn't wanna play this on a phone!
  9. GOOD NEWS I updated to iOS 5.0.1 and the game runs well. THANKS FOR DD!
  10. On the iPad it often crashes on start but will usually work if you re-launch it. . . But it WILL crash eventually, usually between levels.
  11. The title of this topic could be changed to indicate it is FOR ANDROID. What about constant crashes on the iPad? Any fix that jailbroken users can apply?
  12. I Love this game and would love to play it properly on the iPad1. As it is, it crashes on the iPad 1 too often.. Crashes are almost always in-between levels but occasionally during play. Also always crashes if attempting to name an item during levelling up. Crash can be avoided by quicky hitting OKAY without renaming. Crash happens as it tries to pull up the on-screen keyboard. It seems like a memory leak somewhere but i'm no coder. It is even worse on multiplayer - the multiplayer feature is unusable, crashes 9 ut of ten attempts, and even if you get in it will likely crash during pl
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