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  1. as the title suggests this is exactly what happened i have many bags available so theres no space issue, the only thing i would understand is that my 3 bags specifically for shards is full and was unable to recieve the packs. this would be acceptable except that firstly i have space in other bags which if i run out of space in the shard bags all shards i recieve from sessions would go to my other bags however this didnt happen and secondly there was unequal exchange, i lost 1.5k defender medals since 3 packs are unaccounted for, this is quite disgusting guys and i want my medals back or the packs i bought, 3 chaos shard packs as im collecting range shards. i would guess it is some sort of bug or something that wasn't accounted for so please fix this thanks for reading this and hope i get a quick resolution.
  2. when i press start it says leave party with my friend and i there in the same box so i would assume that we are in the same party also we are both at the same dificulty level
  3. i wanna do a quick explanation of this probable bug as it worked in the last dungeon defenders (1). whenever i invite a friend to the private tavern and then try to begin a game from there, my friend is left in the tavern whereas i am placed into the map or session so i have to therefore invite my friend again just so we can actually play together most cases i wouldn't mind this but it gets quite annoying when you know it can be better with a simple fix of keeping everyone in the private tavern together once a game has started or otherwise, unless someone joins another person or leaves the game maybe this is only happening to me? any fixes and if not maybe an actual fix as i like playing this game and this puts me off the game as its not fluid..
  4. Some thing i would like to point out that occurred with me in one session I was busy farming for defensive crit strike on Chaos tier 2 ( CT2) and got to maybe win streak 7 or so cant remember. Anyway, i clicked on continue to well.... continue and it took me back to tavern which then i was just disappointed. spent some time opening my chaos packs and sorting things out when i decided to just find a chaos 7 session and sneak in. played the session finished the match and all of a sudden i realised that the consecutive win streak bonus was in effect getting me to streak 8 or so ( as i said cant remember exactly) and i got the bonus chaos 7 shard, continued for 1 more session only to get it again. started thinking maybe my streak continues so long as i win maps. tried chaos 2 in a private session and when i finished it started the streak from 1 unfortunately for me. of course i want to abuse this potential bug but i dont rly know how it works and even if i did im only ascension 130+ and i have most of the chaos 6 and below shards so only 7 is worth which i wont ever be able to do alone. i cant help but think that had i gone into another public session it may have continued or maybe its a bug from when i was sent to the tavern instead of it continuing which i think needs to be sorted out btw. as for the consecutive bonus, the incident that occurred with me seems a bit too overpowering but allowing players sometime to go to the tavern to reassess or sort out items in a friendlier environment whilst also being able to buy more chaos shard packs for a more all-rounded experience chaos shard pack opening to then continue with the same chaos tier you were playing before should be something worth considering. compare it to playing games too much and you need a breather to relax your mind like drink something or watch some tv, have an option to go to the tavern after every 7 chaos streaks. that would be awesome. maybe even more xp and more shards when you do say, a streak of 15. it doesn't have to be a chaos shard of that tier, expect to be lower but prefer the same level chaos shard tier or higher once in a blue moon to give us incentive to do more consecutive maps. yes this does sound like a bug thread but in reality alot of things are lol let me know what you guys think about this bug and what you think should happen with consecutive win streaks
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