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  1. Amazing And Kind The Helpful Helper Happy and Wonderful Extravagant Defender Random Yet Friendly Inmature Yet Professional Apparently Psycho For DD Leaving Us Now. Farewell Atherial. Good Luck!
  2. Host must run as huntress. I will join with 5 characters. 1/12
  3. I will run! I use jester though, is that ok?
  4. Nope, I just said it, I have ult+. But. That’s it
  5. Got you. (russman houdini in the making)
  6. Ginger = 20cv. Celebracers 30cv. What are your prices?. Message me here, I have Cubes, diamonds, and items :). Happy hunting!
  7. Looking to buy anything from the new event. + a nice ult set for a booster summoner im making
  8. I have no idea what a gem is a non cap, single cap, double cap diamond? multiple diamonds? Just please say in plain English what you bid in CV One diamond double cap on the pumpkin staff :/
  9. Ty, the mans names is BionicCeller.
  10. pretty sure the winner of the Polly giveaway. I don’t remember his name.
  11. 2mana and a very rare penny with a petifile on it :)
  12. Trace will b provided to the winner right before trade. hidden reserve Diamonds 5/10/15 Events/ anything I guess Cubes = 6 coal coal = 12bil mana BUYOUT = 110 CV ok ____________ Hidden reserve #2 Ends Jan 23th. plz bid two traced glaciers so I can show off to my friends, thy are beating me hard :(
  13. A double cap/ idk maybe triple diamond (can’t remember which). For both pieces. C: and 1 mana. -.-
  14. I’m ok with 1cube / 16
  15. Sure. Why not we make it a bit hard. We have to use barb and summoner :D dibs on barb
  16. As you can see this is a post in the General Discussion section if you are looking to trade why not post under the Trading section. good point. just wanted to see the reply’s.
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