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  1. Example: you might see this is DD2 forum. Me and most others will see this with DD1. Can someone confirm this with DDE?
  2. I have plenty of tf2 pets, let me know when to trs
  3. Random anime theme songs for lyfe. had a bit too much goodie goodie
  4. I offer a spear with +999 tower dmg item checked by plane, I’m gonna try to win this for Sparta
  5. Yo, I have a awesome Ult++ with 999+ on tower dmg I also have a item check from plane is you need it
  6. I’ll add a high five and a kiss is that helps my count ;(
  7. There’s a few hidden your missing
  8. So, I decided to do another giveaway, and how this giveaway will work is that the first person to msg me what the codes mean, wins. _________________________ Rules: No Looking at comments without finishing. No Spoilers Do not share anything at all Feel free to discuss anything when you’re done. ___________________ Prizes: The Death Wish ~Knowledge ___________________ The Codes pt 1. .-- .... .- - / -.. --- . ... / .. - / ..-. . . .-.. / .-.. .. -.- . / - --- / -... . / .-. . -... --- .-. -. ..--.. .--. --- -.-. ... - . .--. ______________________ pt 2. Rekamwen _______________________ fina
  9. It’s kind of hard to find one now and days, I traded mine for a glacier, the Price is now 40-50cv for me cuz of demand
  10. Will you take a traced boneyard blade?
  11. So I was planning on doing a giveaway that uses binary so people would have to do some work, is this a bit to far?
  12. Hello, as of today, my steam client is having some issues. It won’t let me open steam It won’t let me open games And won’t let me have fun. I’ve been trying the “netsh winsock reset” which didn’t work, uninstalled steam, didn’t work. I’ve tryed closing from task manager, didn’t work. And I can’t seem to find my blobs. Any help with this?
  13. huhu ima do a boneyard blade (traced)
  14. From what I remember, if you start at wave 20 you won’t get the pet at the end, so you would want to start at wave 15 (the maximum) to get the reward
  15. Both are traced, hoping to get something good, if there’s any interest lemme know I’m looking for pretty much everything I don’t have
  16. Gaia & Ball Blaster, also do you take ginger or cinnamon maybe deaths wish
  17. Ok! If you’d like I can grind with you, maybe we can get some good Ult pieces :)
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