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  1. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/931562390049109554/25035D55387518DA9698B6B92B771F869A9B1833/

    Tbone is a giveaway winner, will pm the giveaway to the winner of the auction. 

    Reserve the right to cancel if I don’t like the price. Crystals are 4/10/15.

  2. @[Ger] Michili quote:

    Yes, so the title says everything.

    If you are thinking about not having your old but gold Manamaster lying around in the quarters, you came to the right place.

    I tought that i would love to buy a Manamaster for 25 Cubes value, payable in Diamonds and Cubes.

    I think it is needless to say that the Manamaster needs to be traced.

    Before consider if your name is Masterplays, as he was banned from all of my threads quite some time ago.

    Hah! I’m not masterplays, aw wait I am aren’t I?, well thanks for putting it in xD

  3. Random game I made.

    How it works is that one person starts with a phrase. example BTS (burn the stage) and gives it a new meaning 

    Boys that Shuckle

    Then write a different phrase with the correct meaning. And the other person gives it a new meaning 

    I’ll start off

    PVP (Player Versus Character) good luck l0l

    note it has to be a 3-4 letter phrase

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