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  1. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/931562390049109554/25035D55387518DA9698B6B92B771F869A9B1833/ Tbone is a giveaway winner, will pm the giveaway to the winner of the auction. Reserve the right to cancel if I don’t like the price. Crystals are 4/10/15.
  2. can’t do such a low price, sorry
  3. I’m in! Is it okay if I use my profile but new gear and weapons?
  4. its hero stats and not an item gg
  5. I can sell you a Death wish for 40cv (traced)
  6. I actually have been a event host on ps3 for the skittles event and a couple more, if your talking about Void MAMBA then he is another person from black mamba.
  7. There has been a person spamming threads and making the trading section in this forum super annoying, his name is fbd, and writes in a different language spam threads
  8. Hah! I’m not masterplays, aw wait I am aren’t I?, well thanks for putting it in xD
  9. 4 cv or a ult+ helmet if possible
  10. MTTF Monsters to the fourms try this lol
  11. Random game I made. How it works is that one person starts with a phrase. example BTS (burn the stage) and gives it a new meaning Boys that Shuckle Then write a different phrase with the correct meaning. And the other person gives it a new meaning I’ll start off PVP (Player Versus Character) good luck l0l note it has to be a 3-4 letter phrase
  12. Yes but people call me bread head. You’re a great gold digger!
  13. I’m so good at starting weeb wars. where’s my Oscar
  14. is it weird that I’ve seen all the anime’s you guys talked about *cough* Konosuba and Noragami underrated *cough*
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