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    May 1st Hotfix

    Typo. I think they meant mods.
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    The message you guys have going here? I absolutely love it. I have high hopes for CG and DD:A :)
  3. Wow... If you read my posts you would see that I did not comment that I knew anything for a fact EXCEPT the Abyss Lord. I have tested with several pets, with my Abyss Lord and EV2. AL is full AP build, EV2 is full hero damage. With or without pet equipped, my DPS is as I stated - and I can ensure you for 100% that my AL is receiving the buff and that is the DPS. If you have more specific questions that I MIGHT be able to help with let me know. :-) Otherwise, for +AP above 90% health and +AP while buffed, for AL, it does work with the healing well. :-) You did not test this properly. Buff chips do not work with Abyss Lord's healing fountain, nor do they work with Dryad's World Tree. The fact that you are looking at the dps instead of the actual damage ticks means you didn't conduct this test and collect data properly. If you look at the actual damage ticks, they remain the same regardless of whether or not you use a fountain. I personally tested this with Knight of the Abyss (with Ability buff chip), as well as a nuke monk's pet ability (this is with damage buff chip). Both of them showed the exact same values before and after I stood in the fountain. A damaging pet ability is the BEST way to test this, because pets cannot crit, so I will not get bad data like you did. Just because you see a buff icon at the top right does not mean it counts as a buff in the context of buff chips. Test things properly before you post misleading information next time.
  4. If you really opened up 150 shards, you'd have a 98.71% chance of getting the shard you wanted from those shard packs. So you must have gotten extremely unlucky sadly.
  5. While I am finding myself to be using a much smaller selection of defenses for Onslaught, I don't agree with this post. Let's start from the top. Shocking Revelation - Too strong, needs nerf, Trendy knows it and will be nerfing it (hopefully not into the ground as they have done before) Tenacity - Tenacity seems completely fine to me, other than the fact that they're broken right now and are decreasing the duration of negative effects by much larger margin than intended. Sure, if you find a high quality Tenacity servo (maybe even max), you can essentially ignore Cyborks. But a max Tenacity servo is extremely rare, and I wouldn't even consider using a 9/10 C7 Tenacity Servo if I had one. I like the idea that you can gear and mod a defense so you can use it however you want to (under its limitations), wherever you want to. Piercer Servo - Before the update, it was possible to have a Berserker lane with geodes. Slimes no longer applied oil to Berserkers, so you have to either hope that your trap would not miss the geode or manually defend the lane with a hero like Barbarian or Abyss Lord, or risk losing the map if your trap does miss. Even if your trap didn't miss, the Berserkers most likely would've hit your walls pretty hard with some protection from the geode, or maybe they would've even ran around your blockades with their annoying pathing. Now? That's not an issue because Piercer Servo. Piercer Servo is extremely good for Poison Dart Tower since the poison isn't affected by the damage reduction, but I'm not sure that that matters since Explosive Poison works. Even before the Protean Shift, I ignored geodes for the most part when placing PDTs. As for other projectile defenses, they seem to take the damage reduction. Before the Protean Shift, Geodes and (especially) Vanguards heavily limited the projectile towers you could use. You couldn't even use something like a cannonball + ballista build in chaos 7 because it would fail instantly due to Vanguards and Geodes. Now with Piercer Servo, you have a lot more freedom in what you can use, and I think that's a great thing. Boom Servos - Simply inserting a boom servo on a single target defense doesn't allow it to do enough to replace an AOE defense in my opinion. Even when using a boom servo, I wouldn't change the way I build in that I almost always pair single target defenses with AOE defenses. Like @Randomroxas , I view boom servos as bonus damage, and don't see it as bad for strategy. Shocking Revelation and Tenacity need to be nerfed/fixed, but I believe that having the freedom to use whichever defense you choose is a good thing for the game, and I think that this is a great change made by Trendy.
  6. I would like to see the HP bars of all bosses in game as well. However, I think having an arrow pointing to where they are is a bit extra. Trendy could simply make the bosses on the minimap more noticeable. A boss like Shield Goblin Gribstock is literally a tiny red dot that you can barely see. I don't think lane schedules with boss spawns need to be highlighted, as you could simply press the shift key and check which lanes have bosses. The colors currently indicate the difficulty of the lanes iirc.
  7. Yes he did lol. This is him stating that slimes should still oil, before the patch dropped. This is him being surprised that Berserkers were not being oiled by slime pits. This is him saying that they're looking into fixing this, making the oil and the slow not tied together so that slimes/oil geysers still oil but don't slow berserkers.
  8. Yep, resistant is not the same thing as immune. The oil should still apply. Lawlta said this too. It wouldn't make sense for them to take no damage from any trap. It wouldn't make sense for them to not take any damage from only slime pits and oil geysers either. Sure they shouldn't be affected by the slowing effect, but not taking any damage at all just doesn't work in my eyes. Also, you're misinterpreting the description I believe. The "slowing effects or traps" should mean slowing affects or slowing traps and not slowing effects and all traps. Trendy should probably reword their description to make it less vague.
  9. You sure that's not just a burning strikes proc? :D :D :D yes i am sure , there are other SS in my profile but they were hard to get since everything just dies with 1 slime lol . first i was playing dyrad in corrupt form testing it , then i noticed not in corrupt form enemies were still being oiled so i tested it with a monk and they were still being oiled. You need to upload video proof of it. I tested this and non-corrupt slimes were not oiling any enemies.
  10. You sure that's not just a burning strikes proc? :D :D :D
  11. I tested this on a regular c7 map, berserkers did not catch fire when I used a combination of slime pits and flame auras, so this indicates that oil was not being applied. Any other enemy caught fire if they didn't die in one shot. I will be uploading proof soon along with a bug report.
  12. Except I just got disconnected on wave 5 and now I have to start the whole floor over. Has this been implemented yet or do I have to wait till the next patch?
  13. Ok but on a serious note, Yes. We need Host options/tools. As for Gating, doesn't gear drop according to gear dropped from matches now? Wouldn't that mean a c1 player could just go to c7 and get c7 gear? Also, we do need to be able to join back into matches in Trials or Onslaught, I've personally experienced many map 3 disconnects and it's incredibly frustrating. Enemies might be a bit too overpowered, I guess. Frosty health could do with a lil nerf, and Berserkers definitely need a health nerf. You can't really just have an enemy that has no weaknesses. Make them actual berserkers like what was said: low health, high damage and fast speed. Fix Explosive Poison please as well. Onslaught and Trials would definitely be a lot less frustrating with some of these changes.
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