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  1. I don't think the Drakenfrost Keep removal makes sense from that standpoint. Yes, the Frost Dragon would sometimes freeze multiple sections of the map with invisible instances of itself, but the Frost Dragon was removed entirely in the previous update. Yes, some defenses did target the torches, but that's really quite minor and doesn't make that much of a difference. Even if it were a big issue, you could just move your setup up or down the lane. Not sure what you mean by this, if you mean the torches, I don't think they were intended to un-freeze your defenses after a certai
  2. You're fine. I have a third one myself because I reset before the patch and got it while farming primes some time after the last patch. I've asked a developer and they said they are looking into it and that I won't get in trouble. This is kind of an oversight on the part of CG as this was supposed to be fixed last patch and I can't imagine you would be banned for unintentionally obtaining a third Destructive Pylon shard.
  3. We were never able to legitimately buy shards from other players. You were only able to if you used a glitch, and exploiting this glitch can result in an account rollback or worse. Shard selling is not going to be implemented.
  4. There isn't anything like that, you'll have to just rely on yourself.
  5. Just make sure you have CC to stun/petrify the mobs, and have enough damage to kill lady orcs. Those are the most important parts imo. Also avoid the healing circles by either spawncamping or building very far back.
  6. It's not just nuke monk, there are many things that can soft lock Demon Lord, such as gunwitch ice needle, starfall, chi blast, etc. Guaranteed to happen if you use something like a dragolich too. Although yes, Nuke Monk should be dialed back regardless. When you hit him too hard his HP bar freezes, and you can't damage him any further, forcing everyone in the match to have to sell their defenses and restart the map.
  7. Damn lol speedy reply. The thing I was testing didn't work, so I'm using another way. Also yeah nuke monk should be dialed back, but they're probably not gonna ever do it. Also why can't you delete your own post smh.
  8. Have you played it at all? Do you understand how the Demon Lord incursion works? Do you know what softlocking means? There are always 3 waves, and you can only do up to a certain amount of damage to the Demon Lord before he will become invulnerable again and the wave will end. Fixing the softlocking issue will not change this. Softlocking is when you are placed in an inescapable state from which you cannot progress. When you hit the Demon Lord with a hit too powerful, he softlocks the match, forcing players to purposefully sell their defenses to restart the map, because that's liter
  9. Will this be fixed? P.S. I know you just have to not hit him too hard, I'm just testing something :)
  10. Cry0_

    Welcome to Chromatic Games

    The message you guys have going here? I absolutely love it. I have high hopes for CG and DD:A :)
  11. Wow... If you read my posts you would see that I did not comment that I knew anything for a fact EXCEPT the Abyss Lord. I have tested with several pets, with my Abyss Lord and EV2. AL is full AP build, EV2 is full hero damage. With or without pet equipped, my DPS is as I stated - and I can ensure you for 100% that my AL is receiving the buff and that is the DPS. If you have more specific questions that I MIGHT be able to help with let me know. :-) Otherwise, for +AP above 90% health and +AP while buffed, for AL, it does work with the healing well. :-) You did not test this properly. Buff c
  12. If you really opened up 150 shards, you'd have a 98.71% chance of getting the shard you wanted from those shard packs. So you must have gotten extremely unlucky sadly.
  13. While I am finding myself to be using a much smaller selection of defenses for Onslaught, I don't agree with this post. Let's start from the top. Shocking Revelation - Too strong, needs nerf, Trendy knows it and will be nerfing it (hopefully not into the ground as they have done before) Tenacity - Tenacity seems completely fine to me, other than the fact that they're broken right now and are decreasing the duration of negative effects by much larger margin than intended. Sure, if you find a high quality Tenacity servo (maybe even max), you can essentially ignore Cyborks. But a max Tenacity ser
  14. I would like to see the HP bars of all bosses in game as well. However, I think having an arrow pointing to where they are is a bit extra. Trendy could simply make the bosses on the minimap more noticeable. A boss like Shield Goblin Gribstock is literally a tiny red dot that you can barely see. I don't think lane schedules with boss spawns need to be highlighted, as you could simply press the shift key and check which lanes have bosses. The colors currently indicate the difficulty of the lanes iirc.
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