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  1. Controlled burn + Headstrong (Can't be stunned) - means you can no longer freeze or stun the enemies to deal dammage to them Vampiric + Headstrong on any lane with assassins... If its Skarnash then gg Phased + Unstoppable (Cant be slowed) - Had this bug on me once where the mobs moved normal speed although at 2.0.0 so probably has been fixed by now Unrelated but Power block Negates all damage from slimes
  2. Due to the nature of the scaling in onslaught mode, mobs health does not increase by very much, however their damage becomes fairly significant, with bosses currently 2 shotting walls (if we use walls). This means that as long as you can kill the mobs early there should be no problems. Assassins i believe will be the eventual "Wall" stopping people from pushing higher when they start to insta-kill you which i guess will be floor 250+. The main thing stopping people from pushing higher is time as im sure everyone will agree with a sprinkle of sanity which is why i would recommend playing with a good friend to keep morale high! As for builds the best towers to use are Bees, Ramsters and Proton beams (used correctly) with a sprinkling of other utility towers where required like slimes, earthshatters, PDT's, Reflect beams etc. Another tip for higher floors is that skyguards become quite the burden and if possible always try to cover an air lane with bees or a cloud. Hope this insight helps - Tomiee
  3. Cant wait! I hope you guys can also find time to implement a system whereby after completing floor 65 your highest floor is then unlocked again giving leaderboard pushers like myself incentive to reset and allow for more competition at the top
  4. Hot springs is not as rough due to the very lengthy lanes allowing for a lot more contact time with your damaging defenses before they get to your walls. Also as im struggling most with flyers and by there being this nice bee spot to get both air lanes on hot springs its a nice DU save to make it less tight (credit to karasu for finding the spot)
  5. I agree littlehorn valley is very rough for the DU allocated, Nimbus reach also has the same problem with 6 lanes and 3 air lanes with the lanes being close together (can be a plus or minus depending on onslaught schedules). These 2 maps are the main hinderence in high onslaught floors as they ONLY appear as map 2 making it a wasted map 1 clear half the time. To improve this either changing it from 3 to 2 air lanes or increasing the DU allowence would put these maps more on par with the rest.
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