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  1. I think it was not a rant about their pocket being picked - but all of our pockets. If you paid real money for gold, and any spent gold is being invalidated by the reset - then the gold that you were given when you bought it was point in fact taken back. You don't keep any gold spent, and the only reason to have gold is to spend it. The reset either dis-encourages you to spend your gold (and what in the heck is the point of having it then), or in a way it is stealing it back from you. Especially since the 5% gain you get likely does not offset the amount of gold you have spent at that point. I think there is a valid argument here. And i might encourage you to take the attitude down about a notch or two, as your last sentence is kind of unnecessarily hostile. No issue in making valid arguments here, as you did, but you don't gotta make it all personal at the end. We are a community. I fixed it for you. It's not invalidated, you don't have to spend the time farming gold for another reset. Enough gold -> another reset. Call it a gamemechanic/moneysink but not stealing lol. Again, everyone has to do it, not just you. We don't have to talk something out when I literally pointed out that it is not stealing in one sentence and I will point out that at least the OP should read/inform himself about stealing and everyone who agrees with his original post
  2. You keep your gold tho, they're not taking it away. Everyone has to spend gold on their resets, not just you. Get your facts straight about what stealing is about
  3. It now decreases the attack rate, increasing the number of seconds it takes for 1 attack. (Increase of attack rate -> number goes down)
  4. The idea of 3 maps itself isn't bad, but I agree that not being to save your progress between maps does suck espescially now that we're able to infinetely retry a map anyway. Before, onslaught actually required you to win all 3 maps in a row in order for you to progress, which was pretty much all the difficulty that was behind onslaught (assuming you're familiar with how to build in onslaught/are an semi-experienced player). Now that that's gone, I dont see why trendy shouldn't work towards the ability to save not only your floor progress, but also map progress in a floor.
  5. Yeah, this is basically why we should be able to save progress in onslaught, it's not meant to take you longer than 1.5 hours (no offense) but that is not an excuse to have the people who spend more time per onslaught floor do 3 maps in a row and expect them to have time for that, espescially with an active familylife. If you're on pc, you can probably setup a macro that pushes a random button every so often ( protip : use google) which is a workaround for timing out. (Is it against the rules? I dont know actually)
  6. Yeah, the leaderboard (at least the steam one) doesn't seem to update every player anymore, most of the people that are on ancient power 1 and have over 300 ascension are most likely already ap 2.
  7. 1. You can see all games on onslaught, and you can do : Create game -> cancel -> refresh to see all games on all other modes 2. what 3. trading in dd2 would break the game, why would you want that? 4. why would you want that? You play the game to enjoy it, not to rush it 5. = trade -> bad (at least in its current state, also kinda = powerleveling ) 6. DD2 : http://steamcharts.com/app/236110 DD1 : http://steamcharts.com/app/65800 there are possibly more reasons to group in dd1 than in dd2, but that is already being addressed in elandrians thursday checkin, so you'll just have to wait it out. You make 1 good point, and you had to be passive aggresive about it instead of making a constructive feedback post, good job. > It's the superior game for a reason. Also nice job on the passive aggresiveness, 10/10 comment.
  8. instead of using dryad slimes, which currently are a little inconsistent due to assasins cancelling your corrupt, you can also use oil geysers as a substitute. PDT's are generally good for any non geode controlled burn lane. Even with only 1 geode in a controlled burn lane, you can still use a PDT if you knock out the single geode yourself.
  9. why are you still playing this game if you dont like it? Onslaught is disabled because it is currently broken for some players, get your info straight.
  10. And? Bug fixes only or some added changes? check out the latest dev post
  11. Happy Holidays! Keep up your great work in the next year and thanks for taking care of those issues.
  12. Elite players already got a mode and that was "Mastery"...... Onslaught is pretty much on the same coin as Mastery, where they are heads and tails. The two modes are for the elite...... I don't see why casuals can't get a new mode or even a ****ing holiday event...... I think a majority have already completed all the campaign, incursions, and trials and wanted something end-game. Perhaps maybe survival mode or boss mode that has no stat/tower decreases and no modifiers. excuse me but I don't understand why onslaught should only be for the 'elite' and who that 'elite' should be. It is a very straight forward gamemode and I dont see many issues players could have to adapt to which is basically different lane combinations + mutators. Less .... 's and **** 's would also make your posts more convincing.
  13. May I suggest taking a break from the game, you sound like you're having a rough time enjoying the game.
  14. Just wanna correct this one. I´ve seen Bastille master heal for 8mill each hit, and was stalemate with towers so hero dps was needed, to tip the favor. If I had been elsewhere on the map, or if BM wasn´t alone at the time, pounding on my walls, I might have had a problem. Bastille Master is pretty much meant to screw you over if you miss to kill her quick, iam not sure if shes healing that much just because shes reflecting damage or if she actually does that much damage, probably the first though unless you're in super high floors already.
  15. My core because I was busy thinking about what I last killed FeelsBadMan.
  16. ya'll need to be quiet about this and reset already lol. The reset experience is literally the best I've had in dd2 since a long time, grinding c7 is incredibly boring and pushing floors in onslaught has its limits. No, you're not gonna be the guy with the highest ascension if you keep playing with your normal +0% exp bonus because people will catch up when enough bonuses are accumulated. But to get back to your actual question, the answer is yes.
  17. Its is going to give you a significant boost, at least in c6/c7 where relic mainstats are decently high. 1% might only be a 100-150 more, 5% might get you over the edge of a map you could previously not beat. Can you give me your probably well thought over math on why it should be 3900 maps to reset 10 times when people have already done 1 reset in less than a week and it probably didnt take 390 maps
  18. Its is going to give you a significant boost, at least in c6/c7 where relic mainstats are decently high. 1% might only be a 100-150 more, 5% might get you over the edge of a map you could previously not beat.
  19. if you've just beaten it, it might take up to several hours for the leaderboard to update (the onslaught one), as for other scores, you have to check your individual scores, iam not sure how the leaderboard handles teams and which name it shows, but if your wife wants to be on the leaderboard the fastest way is to beat any score on the leaderboard solo. It also doesnt update if you get into a map with the 'continue' feature, so you'll have to restart the game from the tavern everytime you do a leaderboard run (thats a bug, not sure if fixed yet) That said, being on the leaderboard means absolutely nothing, the only competetive one that ever existed was probably the mastery one, but the race has already ended. Onslaught is probably the next best to try hard if you want yourself being noticed.
  20. The dummy can actually be quite useful when dealing with 200+ enemy lanes, the colossus is the reincarnation of a 1-man army and the strongest wall in the game as of now. If it goes down before your other blockades its (probably) your fault because you didn't build out the lane enough.
  21. If you want to pay for it, having all bags should solve your storage problems with shards, unless you keep too many of the same type. The pay solution is always more bags, it doesn't really matter if its in the tavern or your inventory. Free storage is accesible through extra hero cards, and it's honestly quite a lot. It's a bit unfortunate the items are not shown in the filter though.
  22. I feel your pain most of the problems with the update are so obvious is make you wonder how qualified is the individual leading this game. Unfortunately ever since this update not a single member of the trendy entertainment has come created a thread acknowledging our concerns or apologising. It’s truly insulting qualified enough to make you play the game :thinking: Honestly, creating threads whining about the update and imaginary problems and then insulting a game company because they don't spend as much attention to it as you want is pretty low. If I had to choose between making a post like this and just deinstalling, I'd just deinstall. The worst thing about it, trendy actually reads your posts and is probably more hurt than you are.
  23. Uh, dunno if they're able to play if trendys servers are still on mainentance, but honestly I dont mind if they'd get to play earlier, console players haven't gotten that lucky last time we had an update. It also means that it's probably coming to pc in the next few hours, unless told otherwise. edit : since youre saying theyre streaming it, it's probably working, duh I can't read that early in the morning.
  24. I haven't played dd1 but I've heard that people excessievly cheated on that game because it was possible to play offline. Nowadays every game like dd2 is hosting their games serverside to prevent that and I suggest upgrading your connection because it's not gonna change over the next years.
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