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  1. Awesome thanks for the input, that will help out a lot I appreciate it :)
  2. I've been out of the game for a long time (my highest level is 75 >.>) waiting for the final shards pack to come into play, and also new releases like Diablo 3 distracting me. So what I am looking for is any links, suggestions, or guides on how to complete the Nightmare campaign missions as a summoner ONLY I am not looking for anything with a combination of summoner and series EV or any other class just PURE Summoner. Also if anyone can explain the uses and differences between the different summon-able allies it would be much appreciated. I have tried the search feature but ha
  3. I have also tried that and it doesnt do anything either. After verifying the files it detects 2 that it replaces, i run it a second time right after and it doesnt find any. I run Dungeon Defenders game is still laggy and choppy, i exit the game and run a check again 2 files are bad again. I have done this 4 times now and everytime 2 files are bad and replaced. What can be causing the files to become bad after running dungeon defenders loading a character than exiting the game?
  4. I've been playing DD since release and i have never had a lag issue, i stopped playing a couple weeks after shards 2 was released and when i came back installed shards 3 and summoner DLC and now i cant play the game without it being choppy. I have tried everything, Checked Video Drivers Verified Steam Files Defragmented chache files Uninstalled Reinstalled Lowered all graphics settings to the lowest made sure no other programs running in the backround multiple screen resouloutions (didnt make a difference which i picked) removing controllers and any controller files like x360ce fo
  5. [QUOTE]the highest I've seen so far is 156^!!! [/QUOTE] man was hoping they would have kept it low they are gonna turn it into another upgrade fest... shoulda never gone past 100
  6. [QUOTE]Events are for everyone who makes the effort, but we just can't get everyone through. The events were created to retain community interest. Not everyone knows about the difference between PC and console.[/QUOTE] If you cant get everyone through even if they signed up then its all the more reason it shouldnt exist.
  7. [QUOTE]Quote Originally Posted by UnarmedReaper07 View Post I was thinking about that same problem for awhile. It's not really fair if you get to join an event and you lose only because you're new to the game. It's also not fair if you have no team for team events and your placed with people with low stats and then you lose because of it. Events could have no event weapons and people could just play for fun. Another option would be if all events gave out event weapons just for trying, aka. participation. This would solve the problems of people being new to the game, low leveled, getting too s
  8. Player made or not the forums\facebook is a horrible source all the people i know that play dont even know where the forums are or that there was even a patch coming how are they supposed to find out about these events along with the 100's or 1000's of people that dont go to the forums because the console section is a mess compared to the pc section.if it impossible to add a message to the consoles like another user mentioned then they should be removed and no facebook and the forums arent enough facebook is a joke. still no item should be better than any challenge item at all not even by 1 st
  9. [QUOTE]So what is with all of these bull hidden changes they're throwing in here? Why would you lower any of the towers especially apprentice towers fire rate in any way, I mean that is completely and utterly uncalled for b/c that is the only thing that makes them useful[/QUOTE] This was in the patch notes improved fire rate even though its hasn't been improved properly. Even though it was said that the attack rate was a certain % slower the fact that the towers can shoot more than 1 shot per a second is an improvment in itself MM towers that shoot 1\sec makes them worthless if they can get
  10. [QUOTE]I disagree for the event items big time! What was all are waiting and work for the events and to end up like this? Bull now every event item is just novelties and glitch is still in affect btw just need an item of value now like I said before I knew they would just fix pets. Event items should be given extra level ups other then that it just sucks [/QUOTE] Event items should get nothing i personally think they should be removed entirely or just have the same stats as an already available weapon with a different skin. the events are so horribly advertised (not on xbox live or psn only
  11. [QUOTE]Poor kid... doing campaign maps... Now, try survivals with your flawless '900stats' app[/QUOTE] never said my stats were flawless i was just saying that challenges and campaign are completely doable with those stats or lower as for survival could care less takes too long for it to be worth it.
  12. [QUOTE]This doesn't fix ****, it just makes the game worse. Buffing the other classes might have actually done something to fix squires being the only viable builder, but not without changing the survivability of the other classes too. [/QUOTE] how does it make the game worse it makes the game more challenging instead of just doing squire AFK builds
  13. [QUOTE]Or, you know... they could have just given some good buffs to the apprentice to make it more viable and actually open up new styles of play and doing levels rather than reducing them. [/QUOTE] App is perfectly Viable I have used it over squire since day 1 and have encountered very few problems
  14. I am glad they are nerfing squire damage, squire is overused and apprentice is under appreciated everyone is so obsessed with squire\countess towers and dps its ridiculous Ive been able to run nightmare hc campaign and some of the challenges just fine using mostly apprentice and i don't have a single stat breaking 900 on my app.
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