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  1. Hold down the left bumper and then press Right on the D-pad. (I think it's right, may be left). In Update 1.1 they moved hero swapping from LB+D-pad to just D-pad, and moved the mana drop, ping, and Quest UI from D-pad to LB+D-pad.
  2. Ah, yes I've seen hints at that here and there but I'd forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. Excited to see those changes! Thanks for the reply!
  3. [[166314,users]] or other devs, is this something that could be looked into? Surely we on this thread aren't the only ones who have thought this.
  4. Yeah. I don't necessarily care about getting back the same thing we had in DD1. I'm fine with it being different. But I really wish Trendy would give us a better way to see the area our towers are pointing while we're placing them. Maybe even giving us a "POV" from the tower if we hold one of the bumpers while placing or something. I don't know. I don't really care how it works. I just would like to be able to see where my towers are facing in those "can't stand behind it" situations.
  5. Right, but the problem is if the direction you have to face to place the tower where you want it is NOT the direction you have to face to see the area it's covering, you're screwed. In other words, if you want to place your tower back in a corner or somewhere where you can't stand behind it, then you can't see where it's pointing while you're placing it. I often play split screen co-op and ask my partner to come "be my eyes" and look where the defense is covering so I can position it just right. But when I'm playing solo, I just have to use some trial and error until I get it right. When you can't stand behind where you want your defense pointing, there's just no good way to see the area its covering while you're placing it. This is really annoying.
  6. YES! I've wished for this so many times as well. My thought was to add a different button or modifier key that would automatically "Equip and move shards". But a popup could work, too. It's such a clunky process right now. This would improve the looting experience a lot.
  7. One of the really annoying things about playing on console is the lack of "fine movement speed control" with the left analog stick. DD1 took advantage of this great characteristic of analog controllers and allowed us to either make fine movements with a little tilt, fast movements with a lot of tilt, or anywhere in between. In DD2 that is lost and it's all or nothing. Move the stick even a hair past the dead zone, and off you go running at full speed, leaping straight over that small object you were trying to land on... or worse, over a cliff. Anyone else missing this? Trendy, is there any chance that this could be added for us console/controller players?
  8. ^ well said. But that's the whole point of Chaos :D It's random for everyone, so everyone is on the same chaotic playing field. That's what makes it interesting. I fully agree with Pandynator here. The random maps make perfect sense and are a fun and engaging element to the Chaos trials. If a new end game mode is coming that allows selecting specific maps, that solves the problem perfectly. And the Chaos trials should stay just as they are.
  9. My two cents after only having read the first few posts in this thread: 1. I think the random map rotation is fun the FIRST time you're working your way through a chaos level. It adds to the "chaos" and keeps you on your toes as you're trying to figure out how the special enemies work and get your strategy down for each map. 2. However, AFTER that the randomness is just frustrating and unnecessary. Once you've "broken" into a chaos level and beaten each map once, you're pretty much powerful and prepared enough to beat them again without much trouble. At this point you just want to be able to pick a map either because you like it, you want something specific from it, or for your dailies. The randomness serves no purpose other than to be frustrating. That brings me to my final point: I think the remedy to this is something that's prominently missing in DD2 in general: Map completion "badges" and staristics. We're missing a critical element of what was great about DD1, which was seeing which maps you've beaten, on which difficulties, and with how many players. If we had that in DD2, and I'm Chaos, then we could actually feel like like we had "completed" a Chaos level after beating all its maps. And that would pave the way for a better system where once you've done so ("completed" a chaos level) you can then freely choose whichever map you want to play in that level. It could even be more demanding than just one win each before you can break out of "random" mode. Maybe you have to beat each map twice. Or maybe you have to meet certain requirements such as not letting the crystal fall below a certain level. Whatever Trendy thinks is sufficient to indicate that you've "mastered" that chaos level and don't just want free choice because you can't beat a particular map. I personally think that would be a much better system while still keeping the "chaos" aspect when breaking into a new level.
  10. Ah so I have to max out the energy and affection in order to evolve?
  11. Great suggestion. We need a scrollbar on Xbox One, too. Right now when we scroll to the bottom, if we hit "down" just one time too many, the cursor focus jumps to the "Continue"/"Go to Tavern" buttons and the score screen jumps back to the top of the list, which is crazy. Given that we have no idea if/when we're near/at the bottom of the list, it's impossible to avoid this, and we have to repeatedly scroll thru the score screen a few times to figure out which bonus is the last one, and be careful to stop on it if we want to see the end of the list.
  12. For the life of me I can't figure out how to evolve my pets on Xbox One. I'm sure it's right in front of my eyes and I'm just missing it. I've checked in the Inventory and at the Petrinarian and can't find any way to Evolve in either place. At the Petrinarian there's a little logo for the "vials" that says "8/2" or something like that, but selecting it doesn't do anything. What am I missing?
  13. Hahaha, YES! This would be amazing!!! This would capitalize on how fun it already is to try and get around the map as quickly and efficiently as possible. Personally I'd rather it just work like the classic rules of "the floor is lava" -- if you touch the lava too long, you die. In DD that would translate to, the lava depletes your health over time. I think it should drain it really fast--the idea should be that you don't want to touch the ground at all. So just touching it 2-4 times will kill you, regardless of how OP you are.
  14. A couple thoughts: 5. Starfall - Instant Ability 6. Corrupt Form - Short Duration Power-up I'm a big fan of both of these. The Dryad is so, so clunky to use right now. So many button-presses. Having the starfall drop right in her path would make it much smoother to keep her ability power up while forging into a clump of enemies, or traversing across the map. Would be even better if she could collect her stars while flying. Couple that with her stars being able to "ghost" through overhead obstructions to actually land where she's at, like I said above, an using the Dryad would already be much more fun. And turning corrupt form into a short-duration power-up would make using her even more fluid and fun. Especially if the Dryad's Blessing stayed active while crossing in and out of corrupt form (unlike now--yet another source of button-pressing).
  15. Could one of the changes to the Dryad please be for the Starfall to magically "ghost" through any overhead obstructions and actually land where the aim indicator is? It's so annoying when you really need her ability to deliver but you're screwed because it gets stuck on an overhead obstruction. I don't think any other heroes' abilities have this issue. There's no reason the Dryad's ability should be handicapped like this.
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