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  1. Sorry to be the party-pooper, there are just other more attractive options. I've left my Lavamancer in the dust for a while now and been using other stuff. I've tried some really interesting builds, like the molten core nuke, triple volcanos, and more. Somehow the elements in what combination still feels lacklustering. For example, Fissures are perhaps the only auras that don't hit air, so they aren't even replaceable to the flame aura. Which means as a lavamancer builder, you'd have to overcompensate against AA with another additional source of AA, (Maybe 1 Air tower might not be enough, you might need 2 now) Sincerely, Guy who is Running C7 comfortably
  2. I think you're missing my point. Considering all these things are fine, but not when we have to work around non-optimized textures and moving units. It's the idea of taking penalties to placements just because a unit would not actually place properly for us to interact with is something else i believe, entirely from what the game was intended to be. It's how the unit itself interacts with the environment that causes some issues, and could potentially improve player experience quite a fair bit. I guess i'd like to see the game have some improvements to make gameplay a lot smoother. ;)
  3. I'm using the Gunwitch, she's using Dryad Go for a squire mule instead. It's a better average because you have a shield slot, so 6 gear slots vs 5.
  4. A bit of luck does play a part in it. so it might be the reigning cause imho. I presume you are both using squires to mule?
  5. Perhaps there were some scenarios where my walls had to be on top of a stairs so, the roller is completely disconnected from the flooring. This makes taking out the roller as a dryad impossible, and I had to switch out to my nuke monk to do it. But you see, not everyone has the luxury of having so many things to switch out too, plus tight corridors on some maps which lead to walling on the top of the stairs pretty common. Greystone plaza middle path for example? There are more maps, but I can't match names to them at the moment. It feels quite silly to have to think "Oh I can't kill a siege roller because he'll be going up the stairs, so I got to wall more forward or more backwards." Which may or may not actually be ideal.
  6. I realized that starfall does not connect very well when trying to fight siege roller that's on a slope up. Because we are required to land damage behind the roller by dropping something from above, somehow or rather the starfall shards always miss and fall through because the roller is not flat on the surface of the flooring, thus registering no damage. Should this be addressed?
  7. I wouldn't think about going on trendy YouTube video. my first thought would try to enjoy the game and play how I would normally would in chaos. Then, if I really want to go deep into the game. then I would go on YouTube and research. but, putting video into the game would greatly improve the community. if each chaos would show video possibility of what they have to deal with. wouldn't that help them better? how about information about gear wise? like, if your chaos 1 gear and you join chaos 7. the possibility of gaining chaos 7 gear are impossible. I wish there were some form of a message. I agree with this, a video guide before chaos to show indepth about what we're expecting would be great. I think more interaction with the player towards what's available in the game is lacking right now. Almost everything I had needed to get to C7 was player generated content to fill the gap that the game is not telling, which imo shouldn't be the case.
  8. Hi, love this game, been at it for about 200+ hours. Honestly I think some of these options would honestly be really good as a quality of life feature. Some of the UI imo is still rather clunky and could make the whole experience a lot more smooth and user-friendly 1. Allow inventory browsing during waves Especially for us who just wants to spend the time during waves to sort out inventory, sell items or browse shards, do upgrades (For items in bags), etc. Didn't make too much sense to me to block off the button completely, while i understand not allowing players to upgrade items being used is understandable. 2. Drag and drop removal/equip shards It seems like a huge hassle to go INTO the item and INTO the shard window to manually remove one, or remove all on the equipment window. 3. During build phase, deaths should respawn immediately Sometimes we all just walk off by accident, it's rather stupid when we're trying to build at some really odd spots, and instead of waiting for a respawn, perhaps it would be better for them to be immediate. 4. Better deck viewing Perhaps we could have a separate window when we want to view our entire decks (Including those not equipped). In this window we would have a brief summary of the stats on the character (Gear + relic) so we'd also be able to tell what did we forget to gear up properly, rather than going through one by one and scrolling left and right to see it. 5. Compile the pack items into one stackable pile Pet food, pet items, shard bags by chaos level, etc. This would reduce the amount of clunk every time we complete a wave. 6. Equipment sorting improvement Imo i love the autosorting feature on our bags. But it can be further improved especially towards gears. Perhaps there should be a system implemented to sort the gears based on a few priorities. Rarity > Type > Sell value > Stats (Maybe?) Because right now even with the autosort system, I find my bags really really really overwhelmingly messy because of the system not sorting it out well enough. Shards themselves could also be autosorted into simple priorities. Hero type -> General. Keeping the same shards side by side so we know we got clones of some shards we intend to only keep one. Side suggestion: Flying Kobolds I think the suicide range of flying kobolds (EMP or regular) should be reduced to a reasonable range. I find some waves rather ridiculous with secondary objectives so close to the wave entrance (Greystone Plaza left side with westgate lock) and I find myself having to ramp up upgrades on my auras or build a additional towers in order to kill flying (EMP) kobolds at the entrances or they will just dive the objective even though my wall is further away. Or even assault on throne room with the crystal in the middle of the map. Flying Kobolds if they don't die fast enough, the just dive the crystals after the window controls. Gear Progression System The progression of the loot system is honestly quite damaging to players who want to play this game. There is a significant lack of information while going through tutorial into campaign. And difficulty took a rocket climb when I hit chaos 1. It took a reasonable amount of tenacity and some grace from others through leeching at higher chaos tiers to get to where I am farming comfortable at C7. Moreover, there is very very little ease of progression and I had to find out player created resources in order to climb up comfortable. (I remember getting stuck with gears for 2 whole days because I didn't know game decided the average score of my best equipped was how I was getting gears, hence Spreadsheets and sell values.) Hard mode seems rather irrelevant as well, because it doesn't prepare players well enough for C1. C5 doesn't prepare players enough into C6. While I understand and support the intention behind blocking players from jumping to C7 immediately and going through the content. there must be a more effective way of progression that doesn't require the players to make such backbreaking workarounds to combat a system that could be optimized further with regards to player experience and progression.
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