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  1. For future. It will be a new passive for the huntress. Hope it will break the squire's barricade's meta. But I also hope it won't become a meta instead of the squire's wall lol. Walls are so one dimensional and essential to every build that I cannot see more than one wall being viable at any given time. ESPECIALLY as long as the hero deck only allows 4 heroes. You need to heavily invest in tower hp for them to be effective, and any class with dps towers can't afford to.
  2. how do you figure catering to 10% of the player base is "fostering a community"? Because 90% of the player base won't buy any dlc regardless. Most people, especially in this case, play the game for a week or two, maybe get through the campaign on medium, then don't touch it again. If you have dlc that caters to the more casual, you lose the hardcore and most likely get the same, or worse, sales. The 10% of this game are the ones who drive it, same way that shooters like COD have a small percentage that play extensively, then a large percentage that buy it just for nazi zombies and play it may
  3. Uhh, casuals won't get through all the available content, so they won't buy the new dlc anyways. They cater to their hardcore, and should, because those are the people who will buy the DLC, and continue to foster a community around their game.
  4. What do you upgrade? Just ranged damage, or do you up charge speed. I'm talking about this in particular http://steamcommunity.com/id/killemdeader/screenshot/594704696020913694
  5. When I put the towers farther up, the ensnare only caught the wyverns coming from the left half, and the right half wrecked my mm on the other side because the auras didnt cover them. I'm not sure if i could center the auras a little more or not, but 60 aura range was too much to have both sets of auras on the ground and up top with the towers farther up.
  6. Anyone have any luck finishing survival on ramparts? I've been using this, but I always get overwhelmed by wave 15 by wyverns on the southern crystal. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=3777 Thoughts would be appreciated, I could have dpsed the wyverns but i was busy managing the buildup that happens with this tower build in the top right corner, and lost by the time i got back.
  7. Is this genie worth buying? http://steamcommunity.com/id/killemdeader/screenshot/594704438449958444
  8. Think you got me wrong. Im not mad they allow access to it. I'm "mad" for making it a MUST have . And where did I say it was 10/20 from old value?, if you nerf something 25%, then REBUFF 10/20, I think that nets you 5% more than you had previously? And Im not mad at Trendy for releasing stronger loot to make Nightmare easier...where did I even say that?. Im (again) "mad" at their constant change's of heart for no apperent reason or logic. Besides, I thought the general idea of the Nightmare mode was to be...I don't know...HARD? Why would you want it to be ...easier... before it's even r
  9. Are you sure it exploded? I have had a poison resist ogre fly right past all my blockades, traps and auras and straight onto the crystal. Luckily, I caught it before it hit my crystal, but I could see how you might think it blew itself up if it killed the crystal then immediately died.
  10. Maybe it is just a local problem, but when I go to look at shops I only see the same 20 or so shops. I refresh, and the shops never change, and I can't see shops that I know, for a fact, aren't full and are open, because I can join them through friends list. Can you please fix this? The push for defendersstore is fairly moot if you can't join an AFK store with an item you want, unless the person isn't afk, adds you on steam, then you join their game through steam. Even then, I have trouble joining some games. I don't know if this is restricting based on ping, based on region, or just bad progr
  11. Well I hate to say I told you so but I told you so. Seems they gave up on not splitting the community. ... Why does everyone keep linking this... It's a wiki, that wasn't trendy that said that, it was some random person who assumed that was what was happening.
  12. There was some sort of bug they listed in 7.11 that made superloot not work for this patch. It's supposed to be working in 7.11b though, which is already submitted.
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