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  1. Its called not wanting to freeze. Not being greedy. Truthfully, you shouldn't have to worry about this b/c it shouldn't be happening, I thought they said they would address the ticker, but they also "said" a bunch of things...
  2. The Apprentice towers are in need of a boost Anyone who plays the game will agree with me that compared to the other builders, Apprentice is weak. Practically any host you join, there will never be any Apprentice towers being used, except for the odd chain lightening - but I don't see why anyone would chose towers with elemental damage and very low health over something with generic damage that pierces and does practically the same dps (and has a lot more health). And also the fact that the builder itself, the actual hero is extremely squishy. My belief is that, for instance comparing
  3. That's incorrect. The console towers should fire at the speed they advertise they fire at. Currently they do not. I have to agree with Iyashii on this, they need(ed) to correct that. I'm hoping to hear an official word from them about it soon, but you know how consoles are looked upon by them.(Waste of money)
  4. i agree but when you beat it you get armor with max upgrades with at least 1 perfect stat! You'd think that they'd have a way to balance out the teams though.
  5. Does anybody have an idea when the console's tower attack rate is truly getting fixed? i.e. .20 atk rate means 5 shots per second.
  6. It's coming in next patch 7.30 expected to be out on the 26th But shall they bring it to consoles, b/c currently MM is the only map to be able to effectively play survival on which you have to buy.
  7. I wonder how many people bought PC's just to play this game on the superior platform...hmm Because we've lost a ton of people to either; quitting or switching to PC, same will happen to Dredd I think, switching that is. :(
  8. If I'm paying that much for it there should be an "Ancient Dragon" statue and figurines of all four original heroes with all the stuff mentioned above. (lol) And the Squire's pants!!! I'd pay the standard $60 easily for a console version of DD with PC specifications and extra content outside of the core game. Unlikely that it will happen, though. But it can't hurt to dream, can it classic22? Btw what's with the 22 after your name, were 0-21 taken or is it your favorite number? Mine's my favorite number.
  9. Yeah and it would be good for mix mode because well no one plays it!!! Which makes me sad!!!:( Yeah nobody plays mix mode and only play survival for the pets, I don't mind not having to spend hours on survival to get good gear but you think you could at least get slightly better gear from wave 25 survival than you could from wave 1 Endless Spires.
  10. "I'd pay the standard $60 easily for a console version of DD with PC specifications and extra content outside of the core game" I would pay 120$ for that!!! I would pay $240 dollars for that!!! XD
  11. They should make a PVP where two teams build defenses and it goes on until a team's crystal is destroyed. We need the PC's competetive tower defense, that would give this game endless replayability.
  12. This is why you should get PS Plus. With PS Plus you would get everything back. It does suck that it happened, Im sorry, But its all a learning experience and ur deffinately not the only one this has happened to. You shouldn't have to pay to be able to play the supposed to be "functional" game you already payed for though, just my opinion on that.
  13. Hes probably xbox, On xbox the guardians max out at 33 (pre-patch). Yep I am, sorry, but knowing how they were on either platform they have to be much closer in upgrade levels. than 84 and 60. Don't know the exact numbers and never will b/c you guys will have a second patch that will increase level and loot quality further possibly before we even get our first one, so we are and pretty much always will be playing two different games from this point on.
  14. I think consistently increasing the level cap and the loot does two positive things: 1) It makes players like me who have pretty much finished with the existing content, but still love the game, have something more to aim for - which is good. It means I can keep playing. 2) It seperates the noobs from the pros - it rewards those who are willing to invest more time than those who don't. Just as with any sport or profession or business in the world; those who invest time and effort reap the larger rewards. I like that. However... as much as I love Trendy, they must be prepared that people
  15. Respec the last, lets say 10 stats would do the same thing? What do you mean, like respec 10 at a time? If so then it would be easier just to do what's already been said.
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