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  1. I'll see if my stats contributor will want to do that. I'm assuming you mean the shards that no longer drop currently in the game. For now, I will exclude them, since I'm mostly aiming for information to help current players use the available resources.
  2. Floor 80+. Since a lot of people are asking about drop locations and stat ranges, I decided to link the relevant parts of the spreadsheets of those collecting that data. :P You can now see those links at the bottom of each of my MODS tables.
  3. Hey all! For those who haven’t seen it yet, I’m currently working on a compilation project to help get some requested information into the DD2 wiki once Lawlta sorts it out. I have a few people working with me so far,but I’d like to invite more of the community to help contribute and provide feedback if possible. For now, my goal is to provide some basic information to cover some of the common questions that may have arisen from Protean Shift such as “What MODS are available in game?”, “What are the values of the Gilded Shards?”, “What are the ATK Rate and Range caps?”, and “What MODS cate
  4. FYI - link not working right now Fixed it. Thanks. I guess the forums doesn't like shortened URLs or something. :P
  5. I've started compiling one here, based on what I know and what others have shared with me. It is by no means complete, but I hope the community or the devs will help sort it out.
  6. In general, in addition to the fun factor, I personally feel newer players should pick heroes who offer the most options for endgame progression. My top recommendations would be EV2, Mystic, Dryad, or Abyss Lord. If you want a summary of the premium heroes and their features, check out this recent guide I made. Personally, I'd pick EV2 between your choices because she has some generally useful unique utility as a builder and she can hybrid as a builder and DPS earlier than other characters due to not needing range talents.
  7. Yes to both. Cannons are not as strong as they used to be, but it's been my go-to CC ranged defense, barring the obvious anti-projectile mechanics. I've used them very often on my 55-114 floor climb often to slow down enemies with annoying mutators and automate some bosses. Stun fire can still have a chance to proc AoE stun combined with a Heavy Cannonball proc, too.
  8. Since I wasn't able to go into more detail in my big post, I hope this is a good place to drop some quick feedback specific to the Ancient Power reset system. Overall, I feel like the current drawbacks of the Ancient Power outweigh the benefits for me. My biggest gripes at this point are having to regear repeatedly and I feel like I lose too much ascension. The shard change listed above is already a pretty huge step in the right direction. if I want to play all my heroes, I have to do a lot more gear comparisons than if I just limit myself to just heroes essential for re-progression. Idea
  9. I agree. The current system also makes it so that some skins are so exclusive that you can only get it through the RNG of Defender Packs. Some customers want a way to eventually buy these exclusive skins and long time players may end up losing interest in trying to get defender packs. I think this situation will get even worse if new skins and other things are added to Defender Packs. It's already hard to get the skins from the previous lockboxes. The most "fair" loot box system I've had is the one one Heroes of the Storm. DD2's lootbox system is similar except that there's an opportunity fo
  10. It's explained in detail in the doc link. We don't have to recollect shards or pets, so I think not having to recollect gear would make the reprogression process more tolerable and players would be more willing to commit to more heroes. Right now, many are forcing themselves to play Dryad to minimize gear requirements for reprogression. My suggestion was to have a system that allows gear (weapons/armor/relics) to be reused, allowing you to upgrade your stats by tiers, provided certain requirements were met (floor requirements was an example). This way, you won't have to keep comparing gear
  11. When I was drafting my feedback post, it ended up going over 10 pages, even when I cut some things out, so I decided to just link a formatted doc here. Feedback Doc Topics/Summary Onslaught Floor Structure Change: 3 consecutive floors too much, 2 floors max, less lost temple for varietyPlayer Segregation: floor-progression focus makes it hard to share common goalsReusable Gear: reprogression with gear should be similar to shards and pets Enemy/Mutator Balance Controlled Burn (Air and Cybork Combo Lanes): Controlled Burn options severely restricted with certain combosBullet Sponge (Air L
  12. They have done this several times before, and I really think the weekly needs to be revamped. I feel newer players need Defender Medals more than long-time players, and a carry isn't always available. The non-incursion weeklies are much more inclusive.
  13. The Mastery Ascension Talent Caps are as follows: C1 - C4 = 0 AscensionC5 = 5 AscensionC6 - C7 = 10 Ascension (They need to make this more clear beyond an old post I can't find anymore) The reason you had better DPS with the Medallion is probably because your usual Defense Crit Chance talent (+20% Defense Crit Chance) isn't available in C4 Mastery, where your ascension talent cap is 0. You would only have the base +10%, and if you don't crit often, you're not getting the best use of the Defense Crit Damage stat. You could technically remedy this somewhat if you used the Defensive Critical
  14. Fissures can be useful if you need to stack auras closer together or stack on flame auras for short lanes, and Oil Geysers are mainly used for their utility for some Controlled Burn mutator lanes. I'd prioritize EV2's Proton Beams first, since WMs are often expensive to useHere's my endgame builds if you need some examples (ascension priority suggestions included) for some effective setups I've been using at higher floors. Defense Speed has more value early on because most defenses get diminishing returns on speed when you approach C7 relics (approaches speed cap). I would only consider this
  15. I don't know if you still need these, but here's some spreadsheets that can help: Exglint's Onslaught Spreadsheet (enemy info) My Defense Type Reference Spreadsheet
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