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  1. Bug on all floors 3d map. It's becomes more light.When move, on that don't cool look.Screenshot: https://ibb.co/bwCN6H
  2. I lost game on 10 floor(3d map) about it, boss heal 600-800k and how i can win that?My dps max 100k and dps fissure 100k and How i can win?Tell me Trendy.
  3. Hello everyone.This map on Onslaught looks like too hard, because 1000 du is really not enought for 5 lanes mobs and 3 lanes flies.And when I have only 1 lane where I can build auras, other lanes has cyborcs or frosty orsc and also these lanes has archers, versus them need refleckt beam. On 1 lane need about 210duwhere there is 1 blocade), but where need 2 blocades need more du about 250. This map has 2 lanes where needs 2blocades and 3 where needs 1 blocades and it about 500+ 630=1130du but it's doesn't includes 2 anti fly + I need all time watch for the flies because they can easy to destroyed or trun off my towers and then will finish.That map ruined me 100% games when i play solo, but once i won this map with my friend, and that was really hard for us, next map(third) looks more easily than that map.Please Trendy up max du(I was playing on 65 floor and 2 time lost this map). P.S Sorry if something wrong, I am noob in Englsih.
  4. Onslaught, I don't remebmer, but somewhere around 61-62 floor.
  5. This picture show bug https://ibb.co/dQ001m
  6. First of all need fix these assaisns. Solo finish unbelievable. Help pls need to win 2maps.
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