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  1. Hahahahaha. That was me. Seriously. And it's true - I would have gotten a couple more weeks of enjoyment if I didn't log in and go "Do I really want to sit in Chaos 3 mindlessly tabbing back into the game to hit 'g' occasionally, or do I want to log out and play a game that I'll actually have fun on?"
  2. Short answer: Money Long answer: The F2P model, and selling Shard packs for gems, incentivizes Trendy to never implement something like this and hope that the player gets frustrated enough at the prospect of grinding an irrelevant difficulty that they will pull out their wallet and pay for a few packs instead of farming a C4 map for 6 hours to get maybe ONE shard that they want. As long as "pay for convenience" exists and remains profitable, F2P games will keep pulling stuff like this. EDIT: And before anyone comes to the defense of the model, I've probably spent more on the game than you be
  3. For the first time in like three years, I agree completely with HSB. I originally left shortly before EV2 came out because I was out of things to do. Came back in August, slogged through Trials, and since Mastery isn't cutting it for me, have uninstalled until December or so (hopefully only until then). Shards are neat, but I preferred Spheres as well. I technically don't *need* more shards, I have my bases covered with most any build I would want to do on a map. However, I don't have *enough* to just outfit everyone at once, so I have to play the shard-swapping minigame and inventory manageme
  4. I'm in the same boat as Geo - Mastery scratched my itch until I was significantly far into it that I realized the monotony of it as well. It was refreshing to pick a map to play, but that's only going to carry you so far. It makes me really sad, because as a genre this game doesn't have a lot of competition (OMD:U floundered and withered on the vine), and I've already quit for a year once. I look forward to the end-of-year content update, but I can't bring myself to slog through Mastery. I'm a white-collar worker, I'm never going to be home in time to patch and play when it hits, so chasing le
  5. I'd be totally on-board with a system where you can destroy an item, for a gold or medal fee, to "store" its cosmetic appearance, and then pay to apply that appearance to a weapon of the same type. For example, when I'm feeling like summer swim trunks Squire, I'd love to rock a wooden sword (basically a plank) and the seashell shield, and I'm more than happy to pay to apply that appearance to a weapon and shield I'd actually use.
  6. It's not intended for progression for a C7 player. If you're currently in C1 it allows you to get some gear from Mastery as well as the standard Trials, which is a good thing. If you're C7 you're not doing it for gear anyways, you're doing it for everything else. You'd think tiered rewards and a hyper shard, along with another mode to play would satiate some people, dang. If you want gear that badly, throw your hyper shard with power transfer on a relic and easy-peasy farm the tier you're at.
  7. The only issue I see is the build phase limitation, everything else is moot. Even with the build phase one, current 3rd place finisher of all 105 stars was 100% solo, so.... get gud?
  8. 70% is a helluva boost to then apply to Power Transfer. Goodness me.
  9. Can any of you supremely attractive defenders give me an honest assessment of how the normalizing has affected the Mastery Challenges? I won't have a chance to play this update until the weekend (and many tears were had), but I want a bit of planning on what I'm getting involved in. Are orbs really out? Do your shards still make the maps a bit of a breeze on C1 (which I would honestly expect, the big test I think is going to be C5)? Hype me up, friendos, and look forward to my overly sarcastic self running through the challenges on public matches this weekend (that is, if most of you even have
  10. I feel it in the core of my being - all those Rate Shards that I sold for space the past month, and I'm going to really want them for the Mastery Mode with gear being normalized.
  11. I think the issue is that we already have inventory clutter, and if you're not actively using one of these shards, it's a permanent piece of clutter until you put it on a piece of gear. Some folks like me are already using random "bad" Legendaries to hold 3 shards just to save on space (and I have max bags, mind you!)
  12. You're going to make me finally create a Twitter account, aren't you? You sly devil, you.
  13. Yeah with the meteor shard (forget what it's actually called). Those things go through walls, geodes, self-checkout lines, resources, and time.
  14. Fun fact - her flight time is 300 seconds, so "unlimited" in the sense that most waves will never last that long, but you do drop eventually.
  15. I like the passives idea, but there would definitely need to be builder passives if there are no empowerment stats - because I'm almost certainly not using any of my builders in the active phase - occasionally the Mystic for giggles and the EV2 is definitely an exception, but other than that... without builder passives there would be even less incentive than there is now (which is hardly any, if any at all) for builders to have pets or to invest in upgrading one if they did.
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