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  1. Define multiple, you can get two, even had that on Forest Biome from the same double lane. I don't think I have seen three recently. I get two at the same time regularly, not sure about three. Am I wrong, that they stated a long before, that solo play should not have even two at the same time?
  2. Still getting multiple rollers while playing solo. Is it intended or a bug?
  3. It looks like nimbus still shutting down because of emp attack
  4. It seems this is still an issue. My traps get no buff from frost at all. Any ETA on the fix or is this intended?
  5. Scorched Tome only with hero stats? So basically you left only one builder weapon for AL in game and it's a random drop with one of the lowest chance?? Even EV weapon drops much more often... Seriously??? What's the point? I hope at least you won't reroll or remove what we got already so we can play AL...
  6. @sirozan quote:I thought they were each "timed exclusives" for their month, exclusively available to those who finished the monthly mission... Well, back in the day everybody got a Bearkira, not just players who finished the monthly. But it's true :P Not because i'm special of course (i never said that!), but because we gave them money with buying into early access (won't do that again with any game, but thats another story), so they did get us some "special presents", like the Wipeageddon Survivior costumes. I've also paid for the early access 1.5-2 years ago, but for personal reasons had
  7. You can find them at the patch notes.
  8. Special eggs are usually unsellable. I still have Madwick eggs in my bag, because you can't sell them either.
  9. I've already tried to get a dragolich, did the requirements, got nothing...
  10. +1 I don't really care about the color, but would be a great idea!
  11. Back in my day, when we wanted to get from one side of our Tavern to another, we'd summon a Crystal Ogre & ride in style. The advanced method was to pop an ogre from Jester box inside the tavern and ride that one
  12. I've been farming a lot to finally get a 65% with empower too. I really hope still the lower is better since I've burnt the old ones...
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