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  1. It seems like DD2 is nearing its final form. Any chance of a Platinum Trophy (PS4) and the other console achievement-equivalents being added?
  2. O_O ...I've been selling shatterquakes, Shocking revelations, and the fissure mod for about ~50k gold for a 1-2 bar. I run into 10-20 of them during a full AP reset progression so I thought they were too common to sell higher. Largely depends on the quality. I would say 1 million per "bar", give or take:)
  3. There is a mutator that can make abilities do 0 damage. Maybe the lane had that on it?
  4. Hmmm.....Discord eh? ;) What's your username? Didn't see you around there. Anyway, well said there. Though the wiki could be updated for those who need another source of info. XD I'm not on discord nearly enough to remember my username lol. My work net blocks it so I just stick with these forums.
  5. There is the whole enemy detail list on each chaos tier that tells you how the new enemy works. The only strategy at that point is understanding how the hero towers work so you can build a counter. ^This. This one "chaos info" page gives you plenty to go forth and trial-and-error learn through it. (Also, the yeti incursion does have popups that provide info on each frosty each wave. I reran that incursion when I had problems with frosties, learned from it, and now frosties are much more manageable.) And if that isn't enough for someone, which is completely understandable as it is short descriptions and people have limited time to try and fail, there are other resources. Juicebags' Youtube channel, for example, has all anyone ever needs in terms of understanding how things work. Getting wrecked by cyborks? Go check out his "How to beat Chaos 2" video. A 20 minute investment into your understanding goes a long way. Its how I got passed C2. Or go watch his Hero spotlights so you know the tools at your disposal. Watch defense spotlights if you want a number-crunched theory-crafted recommended defense setup. Didn't know Fissures and weapon man's use no health stat? Now you do. Yes it would be nice if we had more in terms of in-game, but every hour spent on in-game documentation and guides and tutorials is another hour not spent on bugs/crashes or features we are hounding Trendy about. Since there are plenty of resources out there, I'd rather Trendy spend time on features and we ask questions about specific things during Friday Fun Streams or forum posts. The All-Seeing One usually answers or finds the answer for us.
  6. I think after reading my entire post, you of all people would understand the true "con" with being high in the floors without adequate understanding of the game. I don't care what floor people get to, until they start calling "nerf this" and "nerf that" and "Remove hard counters!" as if a better understanding of the game wouldn't alleviate most of their issues. But trolls are fun even when they are sharks :D
  7. ....The devs have already spoken. Read the onslaught release notes: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/150495/power-of-the-ancients-expansion-notes "Floor ProgressionIn each floor of Onslaught, there can be 1-3 maps on each floor. This will cycle between 1, 2, and 3 until you reach our end-game scaling around Floor 60. For Example: Floor 1: 1 Map Floor 2: 2 Maps Floor 3: 3 Maps Floor 4: 1 Map Floor 5: 2 Maps And so on and so forth. In our end-game, every floor will be three maps. Each floor that you beat will have better and better loot up to our current maximum Chaos VII level."
  8. There is no floor limit. Only hardware, sanity, or stat-scaling will limit you from pushing further. Gear drops max out at floor 65. Thus, the beginning of the end-game where only skill and ascension talent caps are supposed to get you further. There are certain floors where the difficulty increases based on mutator and schedules allowed, and I believe by floor 114 its as hard as it is going to get in terms of combinations. But stats will continue to increase every floor until you can't take it anymore.
  9. A floor save would make the mode more accessible. I get that. But it won't "fix" the lack of game knowledge. There is a learning curve in onslaught...the ones that can do a floor an hour have learned that curve and the game. But there's plenty of people on floor 55 that STILL don't know how some lower chaos enemies work, even if their descriptions are in-game. So what is going to happen is, they will try and fail and try and fail until RNG takes pity on them and they succeed on their one map and progress. Hopefully they learn from their fails, but that isn't always the case. Just saying. I'm all for a mid-floor save or 1-map-per-floor. But as an "advanced casual" I see how its going to artificially boost people to higher floors, which will cheapen the achievements of high skill players. And people will call for nerfs for enemies and mutator combos they don't understand how to counter, when really they shouldn't be on a floor scaled that high.
  10. Cyborks stun auras, traps, and nodes. Any tower or blockade is not "stunned" but it will be damaged most likely if you stick it in the middle of the lane. Trees' aura may be stunned, I'm not sure. I haven't seen cyborks nail them in a while.
  11. Just for the sake of another angle, isn't the berserker unique by being strong in damage and health? Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind those zerkers have a reduction in HP though I don't really have a problem with them. I'm not calling for a nerf, but Zerkers seem to have many more strengths than weaknesses going for them. High HP, High ATK, High Speed, Slow immunity, the ability to ninja over walls and through the smallest of gaps. Weakness.....that they are in the front of the pack and get targeted by high single target damage defenses first, I guess. Eventually this won't matter since HP will increase with onslaught floors, they will run through everything, one-shot your wall then your core. All i've noticed you can do is go for a stun-Heavycannon or try to out-damage their hp in the time it takes them to get to your wall. Compared to strength and weaknesses of other chaos enemies: Shieldies: block projectiles but otherwise doesn't feel beefier than orcs, weakness on the back. Cyborks: EMP is super strong and they have orc-like hp but they move slow and have predictable range/visual targetting. Geodes: Reflect projectiles, but do no damage. Support class lol. Assassins: Strengths include assassination parties, OHKOs, the Hero's inability to repair/upgrade/DPS while attached, and various other things depending on where you are in progression. Weakness: stuns/CC them off of you with a pet or geyser or ability and there is a decent amount of warning before they jump on you. Hexers: Long range and hex debuff, but countered easily by a reflect beam or tricky wall placement and also predictable stopping location. Kobolt: EMP is strong with decent range but can be baited or killed by aura/traps (bees, nimbus) before they have anything to target. I'd say zerkers are the strongest chaos enemies, with assassins at a close second.
  12. I noticed I would always crash somewhere on the floor if I'd "retry" any map of the 3 in a floor. So now I reroll only. I've been crash free between floors in the 80s to 114. This is on ps4. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/153157/ps4-blue-screen Did your other crashes involve "retries" on that floor?
  13. A guaranteed mythical defender pack reward for certain high floor milestones would be nice.
  14. This would probably still cause the "black market" effect [[127222,users]] was talking about. I personally would find it annoying that all the begging for full post-campaign carries in the PS4 communities would turn into begging for gear scraps from high level players. But, if TE could limit what you could trade or pick up from another person so a player can only pick up gear with Gear Score less than or equal to their Champion Score, that could be one way to avoid the black market effect. No artificially powering up without actually playing the game, but if you find this really nice medallion and a friend at the same level needs a medallion like that, you can give it to them.
  15. Those two lines make it seem like a bug if that's how what the tests show (and if I'm understanding this right). Power Pylon isn't supposed to effect the defense (Blockade) it is equipped to, according to the description.
  16. I've definitely watched a CB hex thrower sitting in a flame aura next to a corrupt slime, and the slime will attack and oil it, it will get a single tick of the flame aura damage which converts the "oiled" to "ignite" status and then it just sat there laughing at me as it was invincible again. I wish I would have saved the video lol. This was in the early days of the Ancient Power expansion so maybe its been changed. I'll test it again next time I run into a CB Thrower lane on map 1. I always wondered. Burn by itself does not count, but i always assumed that once oil was ignited that it lost the oil condition and was replaced with burning instead.
  17. I'm xbox-illiterate, but on PS4 we have to join private games and taverns through the PS4 System "Join Game" or "Join Session" function on the friend's profile or ps4 community page. Is there something like that on xbox that you could try, besides the invite function?
  18. I've noticed a pattern in the drops where they move up incrementally, but the 3rd map of a 3-map floor will always drop better than the other two maps on that floor, the 2 floors before it, and the 1-map floor after it. Usually I didn't see another upgrade until I got to the 2nd map of the next 2-map floor. If you can handle chaos VI, it will probably net you more upgrades than the floors' incremental approach. It took me about 7-9 C6 maps to jump from barely through the c6 gate, to getting into the c7 gate. If you prefer to continue progressing via onslaught, you'll need a good anti-cybork strategy. For example, well placed Mark slimes and Medallion/PT bees work if you have the dryad (deadly strikes or vicious strikes or both on the tree to increase range), as well as Mark/Rate/CritDmg ramsters for the abyss lord. Vicious Strikes is always nice if you have it.
  19. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/153240/ Ice has mentioned they are working on the issue. If your microstuttering is so massive its gamebreaking, maybe you should report it as directed in the bottom of that post. The more information they get, the better/faster they can pinpoint and fix the issue :)
  20. In the Collections, there should be a challenge or something somewhere that says "beat a c3, unlock onslaught floor 7" or something like that which allow you to skip floors by doing trials. Beating a c4 will unlock floor 10 ( think), so to my understanding floors 7-9 are c3 ish in scale, even if the specific c3 geodes don't show up yet. I'm not in front of the game right now so exact numbers may be off by a bit lol.
  21. I had the same happen to me. I unequipped a gear piece from my champion, lowering his score below the threshold, then re-equiped it. Then c2 unlocked. Ps4 original *edit: If that doesn't work, try equipping a lower gear piece after unequipping the high gear piece, then unequip the low and put the high back on
  22. have you tried throwing down an extra skyguard near a tactical assassin-removing geyser trap? When assassins aren't latched onto you, they are considered air units. My first time around I would throw an extra skyguard down to help get rid of the assassins when they jump on and get popped off. Your hp is a bit low for c5... Who do you play actively? It may increase your survivability to turn into a squire and shield yourself after getting the assassin off of you, while the skyguards take the assassins out. Abyss lords can pre-stun the assassin as it latches on with good timing. I'm assuming the 1.5k hp wall is a typo...but its been a while since i've been in c4 gear lol. If you go to onslaught, it is possible to push into upper c5 gear before ever seeing an assassin. I believe I was in c4 floors before I ever saw a c2 cybork in a lane lol.
  23. Just to clarify, I don't mean the flying dive bomber kobolds or kobolts. I mean the Quibly-esque bomb-tossing goblins that walk on the ground. Funnily enough, normal flying kobolds target traps which makes 0 sense.
  24. I have never seen a hex thrower or normal thrower attack a tower. They just ignore it and walk until they see a blockade or core. I have placed flamethrowers at the very beginning of lanes so they are the only thing in view and attacking throwers. It does not aggro them in my experience. Have you seen hex or throwers turn and target a tower? o.o bombers have a range attack, whereas most enemies have a melee attack, so it would make sense that they behave differently. Same would apply to a hex thrower then. You would need to place the tower outside the range of their attack to avoid their aggro.
  25. Its usually a frost tower, flamethrower, ramster or obelisk (not spitting flame) that is close to the first half of the lane (long before the gobus get near the blockade). Like on the large sewers map on the short subcore lane, putting a frost tower to bait kobolts...It took us a few different placements to figure out one that would bait the kobolt but not get targetted by the frost gobus spawning under it. The gobu will bomb the frost tower even if you put it on the high ledge above the spawn ...lol.... Another example, on the c1 throne room mastery where you can only use Towers and defenses couldn't be destroyed, I lined flamethrowers on the top boss lane. Everything ignored them until a Quibly came out and quickly blew them up instead of going down the lane to the blockade. So, this seems to mean that bomber gobus, unlike most other enemies, will aggro Towers if they are within range. Is this the intended behavior of bomber gobus, since all other enemies will just ignore Towers (besides kobolts and flying kobolds)?
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