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  1. The time i won a RainMaker on a twitch GiveAway https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198413624305/
  2. Rexou

    ult++ clava

    any chance we could see the staff ?
  3. Are u serious dude ur first post on a 2 years old thread
  4. for mana ive been selling some for 120B-140B each takes time but they sell
  5. traced armguard of deforestation what is the cv ?
  6. its hero stats and not an item ok i got rekt its a good one
  7. its hero stats and not an item
  8. i report a lot of cheaters take a few screenshots and the steam profile and then send to a game master
  9. Rexou

    Event Items

    are ur events trace ?
  10. 1 pan nude is worth .001 point. Nobody wants that. i do
  11. Rexou


    what lvl quality ?
  12. AWNNN... that's cute
  13. LoL wherewolf where is the wolf ?? 25 cv ( 3 Bad non cap + 10 cubes + 18 coals )
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