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  1. Hi, so - I've bought this game a 1-2 days ago. I've reached level 52 recently, but I feel I haven't been leveling as fast as others do. There seems to be a vast variety of information on the forums, although there's either so much or it's hard to understand or that it's for the level 70's. After I hit 70, I plan to attempt to make a complication of simplified information for myself and future new players. There seems to be no dedicated guides on what maps to level, or how to gear up from 0 with nothing. It all just seems to be guides on how to solo UMF Survival Insane, or the highest le
  2. Granted, but it's only ported to PS Vita. I wish a Developer would respond to the issue surrounding the Three-patch Chicken buff. Granted, But your chicken gets reset, and starts with -200 upgrades and -200 to all stats and has a maximum of 1 upgrade. OH and it also heals enemies on hit! I wish my disc launcher wasn't pink.
  3. From teh urban dictionary: 1. Neft To hide from an attempted sexual encounter where the unwilling person ducks behind a sofa or other large object. Thanks for clearing that up!
  4. Same just happened to me, i just lost 130^ genie and all my 50-69^ gear from UMF, really ****ty.
  5. Did this last night with the disc gun, it does pierce, and i beat wave 14, thanks for the help! Although... i had a little trouble. Can't figure out how to post a screenshot, so. 2 mobs were left an orc and a ninja, both in their spawns, i tried killing the orc and it glitched out and i got STUCK in the spawn, killed him but, yeah, then i just shot piercing shots across the map looking at the mini map in his direction, don't know if i killed him or he died due to him not moving. Got a cool genie with no negative stats, all 100+ and 130^.
  6. I don't know if this had been mentioned, but what about people who have worked hard to get the chicken (one of them being myself) would we get to keep it or would it be discarded, this is a overall bad idea.
  7. I had a good CT weapon but found it to do less sustained damage compared to my disc launcher. I gave the CT to a friend and have been using the disc launcher ever since. I just couldn't kill the ogres fast enough with the CT. I had a decent bonebow, but the extremely narrow shots made it difficult to kill fast enough. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZvK3qef_HY Does the disc gun pierce?
  8. I like just about everything you said, most annoying part about UMF is when your up against a wall and shooting past an ogre and getting slapped around by ninja's, you shouldn't be punished for having a big weapon.
  9. Actually they have already done this - hiding the fact that UMF drop has been nefted, but again people whine of "ninja" nefting =] I still have no idea what "nefting" is.
  10. Something positive about the game! The most fun I've ever had in the game was putting on gear with 20 upgrades and doing the campaign over on insane to get the Master Strategist achievement to get my chicken. Glad to see someone post something positive about the game.
  11. I agree with everything that you said, people need to stop worrying about having the best gear, having an additional 5-6 upgrades on every piece wont make or break a game. Trendy made a great decision with UMF, it's still hard for the people with amazing gear to do, it requires skill.
  12. I have this same problem, and setting to windowed mode sometimes crashes it just as if I was alt tabbing. Yes, this happened to me wave 13 of UMF...
  13. I agree with the part about people having stats that are way off the charts, but this shouldn't be happening with the cap of 126. But what do you mean they are banning users who are making mana? i don't understand that part.
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