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  1. I hate how the dryad's spawners count as traps. It makes slimes almost useless.
  2. I have 2.7k relics, my armor all legendary and can be sold for +-300. But I've been doing it all wrong. I've been using my one character as a hybrid. I'm making another Dryad for buider. But I have a question. What should I level first in defence category? I also don't know what the best dryad defence is.
  3. I don't have Ev2 unfortunatly. What else will work?
  4. I'm on my main accounts in chaos 2 at the moment, but I can't make the jump to chaos 3. I'm ascension 60 and I've been grinding chaos 2 till I can't get better loot out of it. I use Dryad as my main builder and fighter.
  5. The more the odds are against you, or the harder you make it, the more xp you're get . For example, if you only use half of the avalible DU and do no repairs you'll get a lot more xp.
  6. Okay,let me explain things a little better. I made multiple accounts when beat the heat came. Then every time I'd carry that account through campaign and with the 4k defender medals I can get 1 per account. But these were all fake accounts and I'm only about c1 on every one. But now I made a new primary and I'm choosing who to get on it. On my old primary I have dryad, but I can't use her for dps. I actually got the dryad accidentaly. I got the 2000 gems pack and accidentaly got the shadow armor bundle. But there's no refund. I just don't know what to do now. But thanks for the reply. Wait, do
  7. I started a second account on my Ps4 so I can do the campaign over to get the defender medals again. ATM I'm getting lavamancer or mystic. I hear a lot of people say lavamancer is bad, but I have a feeling he's gonna get buffed. With Mystic it's the opposite, I'm afraid she's gonna get nerfed. I got ev2 on my primary account but then I found out protons don't really slow anymore and weapon manufacturers got nerfed. That's why I'm afraid of getting the mystic. If some can give me advice or help compare the two ot will be greatly appreciated.
  8. I like these, but as a main dryad I think this could be better. Make it so that you can only place 1 world tree that costs 100 DU but make it so that so that you can place defences anywhere on the map. And the closer the defence is to the world tree the stronger it gets. The world tree only gives healing and buffs to defences in range. One more thing: Add a aim to the leaf blast of the dryad's combos. Because at the moment the Dryad herself is useless against air units:(
  9. The only thing I HATE about the Lavamancer is the stupidly high DU cost of his maw of the earth drake (the wall). Maybe lower to 50 or 40? Who of you agree?
  10. YW887


    Thanks! I'll try her out.
  11. Guys I'm quite new to dd2 and I got the gemtacular pack. I accidentaly got the shadow armor dryad bundle. Can I rewind my in-game account status or something. Is Dryad good?
  12. YW887


    I got the gemtacular pack and accidentily got the Dryad shadow armor bundle. Is there any way to trade it in to reset account or anything? Is Dryad good? I'd really like some advice.
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