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  1. I went to check my dailies this morning and found that the game doesn't have me as completing the campaign.(I completed it 2 months ago). Is this a common glitch for Tuesday or are there server problems?
  2. Actually my Eeyore capped C4 yesterday so c5 is next up. I'll probably try to co through all of my characters and see who has the best gear and consolidate it on the 3 I plan on starting C5 with. Only one of my heroes is 100 k so far we'll see if I can get at least 80k on the others.
  3. What do you mean? Armor is, Health isn't. Nothing like getting a piece of gear and it being -500 health (or -800 or -1000) it gives you the choice of doing damage at the cost of getting one shot just because an ogre hopped and you were in range.
  4. Problem is it seems like getting Health AND Armor on the same piece of gear is a Snipe hunt as often as not.
  5. ok 5 days in since finding out about "mules" and I can solo C3. Still having problems getting Legendary and Mythic gear to equip all of my heroes. My Eeyore (well Eeyoria) is starting cap her c4 blues but on average half my relics are still only c1, The ones I play most I make sure to put the C3-4 on but it's a slow process. But I get the impression that that's how the game works :P Still thank you for the help, The only "real problem"I'm having is that now I know I could have afforded to do more range gambit on the various towers. Even with a 600 dp(20ap point) nerf most of the reli
  6. Thank you Lekkin and Ubara-tutu , But question, Do I really only need one relic equipped with Eeyore to get the benefit of "best gear"? If so that will make it much faster to switch out between waves, (or games if I'm with a group) It's already an adjustment for me seeing 1M on a crit for a L3 Earthshatter tower I don't even have ascension in. I can only imagine what it will be once I reach a higher gear level. I may be playing the Gunwitch a little too exclusively. and not switching to other heroes, But thank you again. It's already more fun, I've gone further these last two days
  7. By the way is there a general range to the value of each tier of gear? Example: C1 50-400 C2 400-800 C3 800-1200 I know these values are off but I'm looking for clarity, both for myself and so I can help other players in the future.
  8. OK I managed a 4-6 games last night and things are definitely looking up. I went from 250 ish to almost 400 on two weapons . Still extremely sad for my ascension level but moving quickly in the right direction. Thank you again for the advice and information.
  9. Thank you Lekkin. Your explanation is very welcome, F2P games are great on the one hand but on the other they depend heavily on the games existing community to teach the new players the ins and outs. (It helps if we new players ask for that information :P ) And I have been focusing on getting max Health and Ability(and Armor) stats on the legendaries and not on the sale value, Thinking of survivability and focused power, not realizing there was another mechanic involved in getting better gear. Sigh...I'm starting to regret having every hero(and 4 "twins") (some hero bundles and 3-4 unloc
  10. OK how to ask this. I started playing dd2 the beginning of August when a guildmate (from a different tower defense that had stalled in development) started playing DD2 with his son. So outside of the basics(place towers, kill mobs) I know nothing. I really have no idea how things like gear progression for drops work, and I know I'm letting the other players down and it SUCKS. I thought that by equipping my best gold/orange gear it would keep improving across the board but that doesn't seem to be whats needed. I was in a game today where a player with equal ascension to me had 3 times th
  11. OK this matches what I saw with my mystic today. In a c3 trial with a friend and my Eternal torment tower started attacking me. I had attacked through a geodes shield while the confusion ability was active. Though I think it happened at least once with just the geode shield. I was taking a Cruise through C3 with Yan Chang and got this capture of one of his ET tower attacking a flame aura. Now that I know about the Geode connection hopefully I can avoid it as well. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1170617045
  12. Thank you both, This ought to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks(or months :P )
  13. Sigh, man do I feel old. I come from a time when a game would fit on two 3.5 inch floppies. I was legal to drink (for 2-4 years) before I even had my first computer. I actually stumbled on DD2 when the Tower defense game I was playing stalled in development and one of my guild mates started playing DD2 with his son. Other than DP (defense power) and AP (attack power) Most of the rest of the acronyms are leaving me lost. :P Is there a thread or link that lists what they all are in relation to DD2?
  14. OK, If I'm getting this right you mean more than just having the Adept and Apprentice, or Monk and Initiate. I could have 2 Squires (or Mystics) and build them towards different strengths from one another?
  15. Seeking clarification. When a bundle says one extra (hero) card does that mean one extra hero slot for your deck?
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