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  1. No one here can say it's hacked or not, unless of course they are a dev, or can look at the open source code and determine that. Every post anyone puts up here asking about a potentially hacked item, someone will almost definitely say it is, and someone will almost definitely say it isn't. Either way, unless otherwise stated, they have no evidence to support their comment and just speculating. My observations: - It is within the games legal stats, as far as I can tell, so it's not an obvious hack in that regard - Any item you don't loot yourself is potentially hacked, which means you run
  2. The crystal never explodes without reason. Sorry, but that seems like a rather arrogant comment... How could you possibly know? I to have experienced this issue, in alchemical labs, where the crystal takes the same amount of damage as a kobold directly hitting it, yet there was no visible kobold, I was the host without any lag issue, and standing on top of the crystal. Not to mention the app shields blocking all 4 entrances were in tact, and at the time there was very few mobs, so it is highly unlikely it would have gotten past the app towers either without getting blown to bits, even wit
  3. It seemed to take 10% of the amount of hp repaired as its mana cost. If you're gonna use an imp, its because you want stuff repaired faster, so I think you always increase repair speed first then repair amount and not bother with anything else. I'd recommend the same for genies and fairies. If a pet has a special ability, and you have that pet equipped, it's probably for that purpose. Just wanted to throw out my observations. My imp repairs just as much as the attack he has, fairy seems to have diminished returns, and genie seems to straight up cap somewhere after 1000 attack. If
  4. Has anyone else noticed Ogres ocasionally walking over/through defensive walls? I was doing Glitterhelm Caverns on Insane with 2-3 other players and twice today we've noticed Ogres seaming to walk over the walls to attack the towers behind them. It also happened once on The Summit. Once was even observed in action. In addition to this, I've even noticed that sometimes they did not drop mana token(s). I'm certain of this as it happened while it was the last (or second to last) monster on the screen. I'm hoping I'm not the only one that has noticed this. I have seen ogre's walk through walls,
  5. My offer is: Hero pet http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kanuz/screenshot/595832151373332262 Tower Pet http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kanuz/screenshot/595832151373330527 High Boost Hunt Guard http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kanuz/screenshot/595832151373328401 And whatever mana I get from shop when auction closes. Adding you on steam.
  6. I must say, the poll results are not what I expected. More votes liking NM than I would have thought. Then again, a lot of people aren't taking it seriously lol.
  7. Awesome point of view you have there .. ^^ I progressed from insane into nightmare too. It was a bit hard at the start, and i did not "glitched" in any way. I never had the imba-lewtz from the two "fail-patches", neither did i abuse the countess on umf2. But hey, we did it (my friend and me) and can actually do something on nightmare. Yeah, I kinda like that explanation too. "The jump between insane and NM is ridiculous and the only way is to find people who have glitched it before the patch." For me it was a radical change, and a huge jump. I am getting better over time, like I just bea
  8. You're saying this game sucks yet you put over 600 hrs into it. Really? Think about that for a second. Derp. In the off chance that your not trying to troll I will explain... Sometimes you can't take words at face value, when a friend asked "Does the game still suck?". What they were really asking is "Is nightmare still incredibly difficult to play and hard to find a good game and/or group to play with?".
  9. you played the game for what im guessing some 100 hours and are saying the game sucks because you cant beat levels on nm. That's awful presumptuous, I assume your just trolling, because your comment adds no value to the conversation. But I'll entertain the comment regardless... I have over 600 hours played, granted a lot of shop time, but I'm sure close to half of it is playtime. Mac, you sending your boys off to troll my thread? lol
  10. How Successful were you using "Pick up Groups" to beat Insane Spook in the past? That's what I thought. Playing w/ noobs w/ random gear what do you think is going to happen? I beat it with a pickup group, wasn't easy obviously and took a few tries, but was doable.
  11. Solo, most of them besides Summit, Glitter, and Misty. With a good team, all of them are beatable. Pretty good, that puts you in a pretty small percentage of players though. Which, I want to state that I don't think it's impossible to do some if not most of these levels. I just want to be able to play the game somewhat casually with other players, doing the new stuff, which I think is pretty much impossible. I don't like when there is a carrot in front me, but I can't get it because I'm not a hardcore enough player, with hardcore friends.
  12. solo and group, the only thing that needs fixed is the hero damage scaling in the uber monsterfests, other then that it's exactly as it should be.... Nightmare Mode is great because it's too difficult (as it should be, it's still beatable but very difficult on some maps) As far as loot progression it's non-existant but you get amazing loot. So, what levels can you beat? And for the record I just clicked every box because I could :D Figures :P
  13. Where are you guys that are voting NM is great... Lol. Do you play? Do you only play with a team?
  14. To the op, have you tried this yet? It's worked for me. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?36080-Loot-progress-path-for-dummies I've seen that, and love the post. Very helpful, matter of fact I've used some of those methods to get some gear. But I still cant beat labs, and feel like I should be able to by now. Adding more players just makes it more difficult for me too.
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