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  1. inb4 they do this but also include a balance pass to petrify and SR/Water :kappa:
  2. Or maybe he realized the thing he said was exactly what I said just worded differently, or maybe his cat deleted it by walking on the desk, or maybe aliens are getting payback from the raid on area 51. Honestly there could be a million reason for it and everyone is looking at the worst case scenario but looks at no other possibility. To answer the purpose of the thread, the reason these are so easy is because the community is making it easy with something CG is in the middle of attempting to rebalance. They also want this to be somewhat accessible to a lot of the players and not just the 1%. If they rolled out a rebalance for the stun stuff I expect a lot of these become much less completable for a majority of players and some carries will start failing causing more people to depend on the higher end of players for carries.
  3. It used to stack with 4 players. They changed it a while back to have double the power with the same max bonus, thus the 2 players. It will still stack 4 players worth if they together have equal to or less than the max bonus. The offset to multiplayer play is the bonus xp and legendary items.
  4. :thonk: Well at least everyone else will now see that the devs do read everything lul
  5. I just wanted to poke in for a sec and make the quick joke "Oh noes, playing with other people in a multiplayer game :o" Fun jokes aside: They never said this. The last thing I have heard a dev say was, "we currently have no intention of stopping support for DD2" which, translate how you will, means they will continue things for DD2 after they get DDA up and running. Endgame does not mean End of the Game.
  6. It is not an oversight, this a completely intentional mechanic. This was brought up way back in the day as an issue and they said its intentional because otherwise Dryad would have a hard time playing the map. Those are Berzerkers. Lady Orcs only exist in a few places including the Forest Poachers map and the Bastile Master boss. They are two different enemies.
  7. Mass is the only good Hyper that two can actually be a benefit, it should be last. Also Thunderstruck is pure trash tier. I would love to see this because you have a long way to go since someone is already very high up with that restriction
  8. Cryo had answered you in the other thread you created in a different area of the forums. "We were never able to legitimately buy shards from other players. You were only able to if you used a glitch, and exploiting this glitch can result in an account rollback or worse. Shard selling is not going to be implemented. " This should sufficiently answer your question here as well.
  9. The new Prime weapons are completely uninfluenced by the normal Incursion weapons, I have gotten both from the same chest. You are just having bad luck.
  10. I think what Switchblade meant by that is, you can't put Shocking Revelation and a Water Servo on the same relic anymore. So your advice to use it was unhelpful to those who didn't have one before they removed it several months ago. Which, in my opinion, should have been disabled even for players with it because it has only caused more issues.
  11. At this point, you would be correct. Directly, it would have minimal, if any, impact. Indirectly, it would take up dev time to build something that a certain amount of the playerbase wont ever use when we could have that dev time spent on something more important. If they were going to continue to give DD2 full support then maybe but with the back burner support we are going to get I don't think most are going to want it to go to this. I can't speak for everyone but I'm fairly certain.
  12. Okay so I read this entire post, decided I didn't have enough to drink and went on to other threads. Came back still without enough to drink and read it entirely again. This started with a legit post and some good responses then got really weird really fast. As I type this I wonder if I should get really hammered first so I'm on the same page first lol. To address a few things I saw and maybe help someone who comes in behind and reads this as well: Yes every Incursion map has a specific thing about it to make it special, ie. Chrome Enemies cannot be stunned or slowed, Mathius Incursion will have healing circles (for the enemies not players, that came up in one of my maps which was really weird for me to explain) and Demon's Lair will have a boss you need to lob lavaballs at to bring him down to damage him. (For anyone who may have missed that, these are the "Hints", just want to be sure) Yes we got Malthius Incursion (and it has always been on Ramparts) as the first map of Prime 3 and Power Surge will be next week which will complete Prime 3 as a group. The weapons have a very low chance to drop from the victory chest, and unfortunately c8 shards do not drop here but c8 amps will. As a side/final note, these are scaling up in difficulty, I would say if you are starting to have troubles then you are reaching your limits on what you can do. This doesn't mean you suck at the game or anything, just that you need to be more equipped to handle what is intended to be endgame content, so its the last content you do not the middle. I have had pretty decent luck with weapons, in 5 hours of farming I usually get at least 1 or 2 different weapons and maybe some copies of them. I don't think the chance to get them is too low but I do kind of wish we got something to trade for the weapons at a vendor so we can pick what we want and just worry about rolls rather than get something we don't want. Edit: I do not intend this to be demeaning in any way....that is all
  13. Without mutators I can't see how anyone with endgame stuff using the meta would ever lose other than to the mechanics of the incursion itself. Also I don't think the Ancient Powers have a huge sway when considering strength of heroes or defenses, it will mostly be about talent caps (And the ability to fill those ie. high asc) and gear's chaos tier. Demon Lord never bugged for me and I have not had even a slight issue with the first two groups without using any of the stun meta.
  14. I agree with what Jaws has said, I don't think Abyss or Mystic are the go to heroes here unless CG surprises us with a balance pass to Monk and Barb, who most undoubtedly rule over dps and CC respectively. The only part I wonder about is the trees, this could be scaled so high that trees only buy you 1 second because they get one shot (as blockades do in Onslaught which is why we don't use them) and 1 second may be the difference but is very unlikely.
  15. Yes, they should fix nuke monk first Kappa
  16. https://imgur.com/hqJxsSZ
  17. Only a week and a half to go, dis gun b gud
  18. This is a subject that has come up many times over the past few years. CG (as Trendy in the past) has said technical issues and the playerbase is split half and half on the idea because it helps those that want to use what could be afk time to organize but the other half knows that it will distract players when they are needed to help actually complete the wave. Personally, Im against the idea because I organize outside of maps or during the first build phase every 5-10 maps and as builder in 99% of the maps Im in that means everyone else has even more time to do it while I do and while I build.
  19. That login screen was 2/3rds Defender Centric update and only the far left panel pertaining to Prime Incursions was new.
  20. After testing it myself the deal seems to be an old issue. For Demon Lord I had a Lightning Strike Tower down and was heavily boosting it, last damage tick I saw was 65m (Anti miniboss and controller had no effect on him because he isn't CC'ed and not a miniboss so this was pure damage) and after that he became immortal. So for Demon Lord you will want more consistent damage and not heavy single hits. From the testing he seems to be completely fine with 10-20m dps from something that hits very fast and anything above that seems to be ignored. I think imo it would be a stretch to call its c7 with reduced loot and not c5 or c6 with loot from c7 without mods because the gold and xp you make from it is subpar to running DFK in c7. I can run that just as fast with less hp on mobs and get more out of it. Which will tie into my next quote -> In the farm I did the night after I completed all the maps was 4 hours long and I think I'm in an extreme but I got 8 amps and 4 weapons (4 copies of the same weapon), which is okay but I think as an extreme the next farm I do is not going to run as profitable. Though being where I am, those amps are hard to call profit because I have so many already and nothing to use them on. Overall, the no mods thing I'm okay with because as an endgame mode I feel like this is intended for players who are already setup and done with builds and not in need of them anymore and while the rewards are currently low I'm hoping the later maps will be much more rewarding for the amount of effort they may take to do but there is only so much reward you can give before it's too much. It seems like a fine balance that will be hard to get.
  21. What were you using to damage him with? If hero, from what position and where were was your targeting reticle aimed? If defenses, what was placed and where?
  22. Ah the hatchet job, was wondering when and who would do that to me. This is where the person clip quotes what they want from what I said and claim I'm the one missing the point and that I wasn't paying attention. Especially funny when you consider they say I said something I actually didn't. Well since this has been done and I know it wont get any more constructive from here I won't respond directly to anything but will cover a few points. Since the start of the thread only two people said something about droppable loot (aside from the OP). Everyone else has said it's totally worth the rewards it has and a few would like to see the mode updated with challenge brought back and different rewards (rewards not droppable loot). For the most part people don't care about drop loot because there are easier ways to get it. For the main part of the start of the thread it was about it being buggy. I agree but that is because all the stuff that has issues with Mastery was introduced after Mastery and the mode never got a touch up as each of these features were brought in. I completely agree that Mastery and a few other things in the game should be brought up to snuff in the current version of the game and that would have a huge impact on the game's popularity. I do recognize that it may not be possible because CG is moving more towards DDA now but hopefully they clean up and setup prep for a CDT to take over for a little while after they no longer want to update when it comes to that point. DD2 will have a certain amount of people playing it purely for the fact it's free and these people will be the ones who can't afford DDA and its pay for DLC. All in all, I don't think Mastery is bad because it doesn't have drop loot, I think it has withered to time and just needs a fresh coat of paint to bring back the Challenge in the mode. Maybe a different set of progress bars with different rewards so that each time you go for the 735 stars you can still get something for doing so but I don't think these need to be hyper shard level rewards to have people want to go do it again for fun.
  23. The 286 is the guaranteed 10 mod but every other roll is weighted RNG. You have better chances at lower mod numbers than higher. The 8, 9 and 10 mods have very low chances to be rolled.
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