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  1. You know, I have advocated wide range nerfs across the board to bring us back to the shinning days of early Onslaught when floor 200 was pretty much the best you could get, but the community seems to just get rowdy at the idea. CG might be afraid of the unyielding backlash such a balance pass would bring. Players have just gotten so comfortable with the concept of doing very little to nothing and winning that they refuse to go back to actually playing the game when they had the taste of AFK city. Bringing some defenses down a peg and buffing ones that we dont use much or at all would bring back some of the most interesting parts of the game like walls. Though that does mean that the game will no longer be AFK able which will be the hangup spot for players.
  2. Also overcapping defense rate allows it to ignore Frost Orc slow. It literally strips Onslaught of any skill or challenge just like the Water Servo/SR build before it which is why that mod combo was disabled. Onslaught is also not infinite, floor 999 is max and CG had to put up a massive HP wall on the enemies to stop people from effortlessly progressing towards it. This HP wall is the integer limit for the game so they cant go any higher, which means the game cannot get any harder, so if we get more powerful and continue progressing then there is nothing CG can do to make it a challenge anymore. In order to reverse this they need to deal out some nerfs which the playerbase has voiced hatred about and will probably always hate the idea of.
  3. Man if only they would create a defense with the sole purpose of blocking or reflecting attacks from ranged enemies. Come on CG we need more options. /sarcasm
  4. Also a thread that is 6+ months old, make sure to check dates and if the thread is 6 months or older it is time to make a new thread if it is desired to continue talking about the topic.
  5. Actually the payout on Mass Destruction would be pretty sub-standard. Given that gilded shards get only 4 extra upgrade levels it would go from 70% to 78%. Then given you are using a Destructive Pylon and Gilded Destruction with a Mass Destruction now you are getting a 333% bonus to defense power. With a Gilded Mass Destruction you would get a 349% bonus to defense power which is only a 4.6% increase over current. I wouldn't even consider the attempt given the lack luster results.
  6. They do sometimes do a stream on Fridays at 3pm Eastern time where they do give out information and answer questions. I think because they are trying very hard to get the DDA Beta out and make sure it is on schedule for the Feb launch has made those streams a little spotty as of late. I suspect this coming Friday will have one and in the days following that will be the release of the DDA Beta.
  7. Tbf I agree with you about Elementals being way too powerful, but I just got back to DD2 after life things got in the way of my playtime and smashed it with no elemental combos so.... I dont think they were going for the end all difficulty but I still had fun playing all these incursions with new power which is still a +1 in my book, fun is always a win.
  8. Technically, while it is much easier solo than 3/4 players, it is actually easier with 2 players than solo despite the increase to enemies. Also they removed the attack bonus to enemies from multiplayer a long time ago, its just a 20% increase to hp per player now. (As well as a bonus to xp and guaranteed legendary gear when in multiplayer)
  9. Welp then my advice is to go find another game, because I do know they don't take the time to respond to negativity.
  10. Spokesperson no lol, I have been in the field and I can figure that their process is similar to what I was taught in college. As far as having the site, it's there for us to inform them of things we have found and how we found it so they can look into it. More communication about it would be awesome I agree, but I don't think it would change much in some or most cases. We would probably go from no communication to "Okay we are looking into this" and never hearing back about it because something else came up, it took so much time that the report is buried and finding it to update would be too much of a chore or the many other possibilities that could leave us with that as the last statement. As far as throwing more money or people at it, I'm sure that having more QA and Programmers would solve these issues faster and cleaner (and get us much better communication). If only Dungeon Defenders could be as popular as some of the other games and they could bring in the kind of money to pay to have more of those people. They are also pushing DDA atm which is increasing the workload quite a bit and I know not everyone agrees with this game but it is a reality that we have to live with right now. I fully understand wanting to be heard and getting acknowledged that your voice was heard, as I have similar things I have brought to attention that need fixing and have yet to see any movement towards getting the change over a long period of time. I just take some time to think, "Well it could be worse, they could be EA and intentionally give us the finger knowing we can't do anything about it" :P
  11. A lot of the answers will come down to what it is that is wrong and how much attention it will get form the playerbase. A bug like this hyper shard thing will get a lot of attention and hopefully have the problem found fast and fixed. Other things that have been around for a while like the bugged shard for Geyser Trap that makes the next source of damage deal bonus damage won't get a lot of attention because no one uses Geyser Traps and its hard to figure out what specifically is causing an issue. Replicating the problem is another part to find what specifically is the problem so they can go to that section of code and fix it. Sometimes I can imagine it is handed off to a QA member and their task is to do the same process that a player gave over and over and over again until they get the bug to work then do it in slightly different ways to figure out exactly where the problem lies. Then after doing some change to the code, going back and testing those steps they did all over again multiple times to see if it remains. I had a project in college with a team of 4 people and a program of only 300 lines had an issue when you got down to a specific part of it and it took 2 days to find there was an extra space put in where it shouldn't have been. Of course we had jobs and family at the time so I imagine it would have taken a lot less time to find if we devoted a day to get together and delegate sections for each person to review. With that process would you want them to take time out of finding and fixing it to update the report at every step so that we know what they are doing? Tbf, that goes above and beyond most, if not all, of the big companies like EA and Capcom so I don't know why people expect a company as small as CG to do something special.
  12. I think I'm genuinely interested in what the average player thinks the bug fixing process is like. Would I honestly see answers like "They wave a magical wand and it goes away" or "They open up the code and fix a few numbers" because I think that would be hilarious even for a huge game company with a perfect coding process. xD
  13. I joked about a mod on stream that we eventually called "Jebaited", it was a unique mod for Training Dummy. Its effect was, if you were within a certain range of the Training Dummy the Assassin would attack and latch to that instead of you. I think the only issue with it is it would be a knife's edge between broken or useless. Because the Assassins have such long attack range, they either could still hit you or the range would be so long that it would be easy to place Training Dummies at key points and always be protected.
  14. Geez, big post (technically two but I see it as one). Okay lets take this paragraph by paragraph. Hornets were a meta in Mastery, so invalid point. I'm not saying any of those players weren't good though, just that they can't be held up on a pedestal when blindly and mindlessly slamming down the broken and letting defenses do their work for them. I also did damage comparisons way back in the day between Marks and Medallions, so many people can attest to that. I don't believe you have ever stated what you use so there is no way to confirm whether or not you use a meta and technically mine is on the fence based on who you ask, so I could either be not using a meta or created a meta. Though I will go ahead and say my primary setup is 2 FA and 2 Fissure with a Snaking Sands and Boost Aura, which has been the same setup I have destroyed Primes with. I'm not afraid of having my setup be known (mainly because I streamed it and it would be hard to conceal) :P Next post: I would think that the opinion about balance of defenses from a tester would have some pretty good importance. Mastery for me was difficult because I went to bed a mere 2-3 hours before they released it, so it was hard for me to competently compete with people who were fully rested (more on that in a min). I wont name them if they haven't already rung their own bell at this point because they do visit the forums. I have an idea though, you claim (or have claimed in the past) to have spies in Discord, just have them go ask around and I'm sure you will have the answer within a short time. What even is a secondary OG lul. Several of those players were during my time and I'm friends with four of them. I'm going to assume "join us in Onslaught" either means party or just pushing floors. I had a stream so joining party wasn't going to happen and pushing was just not going to happen since I refused the Dryad garbage (still do to this day even though she was balanced since then) at the time and the secondary meta is never going to match the primary ever. As far as mastery, I did compete, I do have a crown, and I don't appear on any leaderboards due to a bug and have requested to stay off them when that issue was fixed because the leaderboards are worthless and show nothing of skill beyond the initial Mastery boards. It still is on the forums though in those posts Lawlta put up and ingame with my crown.
  15. To be fair, does using the most broken meta that gets later nerfed for being too powerful make you good? Problem is I do know all those players and I do know what they used. This is a statement that even Zombie and I have debated on quite a bit, how does using stuff that plays the game for you make you good?
  16. Well realistically, 10's are more common than CG wanted them to be. Originally they were supposed to be as rare as Ultimate++ gear in DD1 (If you havent played that one, basically think 1 out of every 5000+ drops). As far as mods go I believe something happened that warped the idea around 10 mods in a very bad way and some of the blame can be put onto the endgame players who have these things or the ability to get a 10 mod on demand. These are far too common in the hands of endgame players and they perpetuate the fictitious need for them which makes everyone think the only way to play later parts of the game is by having 10 mods. For the most part, if I were looking to grind or buy mods I wouldn't go for 10's because they aren't time or cost efficient and I would be just as happy with a 6/10-8/10 because the benefit of having a higher level isn't great enough to warrant the grind or cost to get. Before Tenacity is brought up, it's not required to progress far because I have gotten far without it. It's more of a crutch than a legit strategy mod. That aside, I don't think the amount of time a person can put in per week is a great point to use because that time is relative. The person who put in 10 hours in a day versus the person who put in 10 hours a week they both still put in 10 hours each and could get the same progress in that time (Same RNG). What scale you would want to be looking at is much larger in the months or years at which point it all kind of blurs together since anyone who put in any amount of time consistently over a couple years is still considered a veteran. Then when you look at people who put in a lot more hours per week typically end up quitting faster because they have nothing left to do. So it all kind of evens out, I would just relish in the fact that you can enjoy the game for a longer period of time because you aren't bursting through it. As far as the min-max'ing thing, what I meant by it is that converting mats to lower level mats to level up your gear during resets is just so you can have the relics and gear you have put together to make it as easy as possible, otherwise many players have shown that grabbing relics that drop and progressing through a reset with whatever you get is completely possible. Other than that lower tier mats are just completely worthless.
  17. I feel like this has somewhat gone a little off in a weird direction and there wasn't much of any reference to previous patches or statements from CG going on so here goes. 1 - They already increased the chances to get 8-10 mods and reduced the chances to get 1-7 mods, you don't want to know what it was like before. They also implemented a bad luck protection which is weird to explain but the gist is "After 10 hours of active gameplay (items are dropping and enemies are dying) you are guaranteed to get a random 10 mod". Between this and rerolls (Which have their own guaranteed protection), 10 mods have become rather ubiquitous. Given all that, the price of mods is considerably lower than they used to be, and even more so, 10 mods are not required as even 1/10-5/10 have been used by a few to show that it is entirely possible to get high in Onslaught without 10s. 2 - We have asked CG many times about getting more DM from various things and their response has normally been something close to "There is a delicate economy for DM and a change would require a lot of research to make sure it isn't broken when we change it". It seems they are happy with where it currently is, which is pretty normal considering they want you to buy heroes and the few other things that have gems as an option to do so they can make money instead of let you play for a short time and skip all money options. 3 - This one has been changed a few times based on player feedback, we used to get a lot to the point of it choking our vaults, then they lowered it, then added a mat vault, then raised it back up again, then added a conversion vendor to take high tier mats and convert them to lower tier mats. Otherwise there isn't any other statement from CG on this as the mats system is fairly well balanced at the moment. As far as the lower tier mats, personally I wouldn't even bother with them when you are first progressing through C1-C7 gear because it changes so fast that any mats you spend are wasted, so the only time lower tier mats are useful now is during resets (Which could be considered endgame and extra since it isn't required for anything else in the game other than min-max'ing similar to c8 gear). All in all, nice feedback, they will read it but in order to enact a change you do need to have the community backing you in order to show CG that most players want it and it would be worth the time to change or that the system is completely broken in which case most players would agree anyways. Though one player saying "no" has little impact on that, I doubt with how many players are still around that you will get a huge backing for this at the current time. I would guess the best time to do this is once DDA is out and they would be looking at creating patches for both games again because right now they are literally swamping themselves with creating the new game in as little time as possible which has already caused a push back on the released date.
  18. Exglint


    PVP as an idea was tried a few year ago as a joke and the community that believed it was true hated it. I highly doubt they would ever try this again. On the side note, power creep is a terrible way to get content out of the game and even CG realized this back when C7 was released and moved onto Mastery rather than c8.
  19. By this I assume you mean they didn't put desirable micros in the game thus making people not want to spend because the mtx we got had little to no impact on the gameplay. As an example, instead of putting in a booster for xp they decided to put a 5% bonus on AP which is way more powerful than a simple booster they could make money on, or a resource/mat booster which I am very confidant people would buy to cut the grind down. Then by "Set things right" I assume you mean create a barrier to entry where people who refused to put in some money to even buy bags in DD2, can't or won't pay for DDA because it will most likely be more expensive than the bags of DD2? Both assumptions because no detail was given on those two points that stuck out to me.
  20. Where are you at in Onslaught and have you done APs yet? If the answer is you are done with AP then you are climbing for personal reasons as that progress no longer affects your game in any way. If not and you are less than floor 400, then I can confirm that you do not need Tenacity or Automation because that is how far I have gotten without them so far. (I quit climbing because it was boring and no longer affected my game) I think Zombie is going to be right, people want to afk the game and we can all blame Trendy/Chromatic for letting everyone have a taste of the sweet life of doing nothing and winning. I don't believe this was healthy for the game and I await the day when they finally take the stun meta away and make people actually do something to win.
  21. "Regular players who play maybe an hour a day dont have the time to grind for this." This statement is frivolous. If a task takes 100 hours to complete, it doesn't matter if you do 10 hours at a time or 1, it still takes 100 hours to complete. Those who can put in many hours per day still had to go through the task of gathering the ability to do the task or finding other ways to do it, you can't punish them or ask to have their accomplishment taken away because some people can't put in that amount of time. As a point of argument, you don't have to get very high in Onslaught to complete the Ancient Power grind, floor 150 will give you 1440 min ascension and is more than enough to do resets forever and is very obtainable with many builds and very little power if you are correctly geared to do a small climb and resets. I climbed to 200 and did 58 resets without the use of Tenacity with DFK in the way every step of the way while my defenses were using relics that dropped and not re-leveling the ones I had. To compound that, I don't even use the meta that everyone else has used, so the game is very completable without the need of Tenacity or Automation.
  22. This mod has some severe issues that make it not nearly as good as you describe. If it was just that good then it would be amazing but it doesn't quite perform that well. If they die inside the Fissure, then the mod didn't do anything and any other mod is better If they die very shortly after the Fissure, then another mod could kill them faster inside the Fissure If they burn for long after the Fissure, then the Fissures itself stops working because each burning enemy counts towards the target limit Unfortunately, these things combined hurt the usefulness of this mod greatly. If there is a situation where this mod shines, it would be so specific that I don't think I personally would use the time to gild shards for it or the mats to make the relic.
  23. Factoring the mats and items from normal maps, Drakenfrost Keep in C7 still holds best gold and XP to time ratio over all maps in the game
  24. When you find a bug, you report it. They have a bug report website just for that. The thing you do not do is write up a guide on how to abuse it and then distribute that on the official forums. I recommend that you remove the guide from steam and report the bug on https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/ which would be the right thing to do. You don't want CG knocking on your door. You are free to not take this friendly advice and find out what happens, but you may not like it.
  25. When you think about it, there is no point in Onslaught once you have finished resets. Climbing to high floors is an ego thing, it doesn't progress you at all. Realistically, DD1 and DDA are the exact same way, once you finish a particular difficulty it's done forever because you can't gain anything more from it. If you only ever think about things you can get from playing to make you stronger and not what fun you can have then there is no point playing games beyond a certain point. They are an entertainment industry, if you aren't having fun then what is the point? I have played each of these multiple times finding different ways to do it while having fun and not just blazing through them using the meta to make them as boring as possible. How many players can even do these without getting carried by other players or by getting carried by overpowered mechanics? I think the players are creating the problem and you cant blame CG for problems you create. I can half blame them for letting the problem persist so in that way I can kind of see where they are at fault.
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